Our Bathroom Scales Are Broken

February 6, 2001
by Mary Daniel

Psalm 119:5 – O that my ways were directed to keep thy statutes! (KJV)

Recently a family member exclaimed that our bathroom scales were broken. My response was an incredulous "Really?!"

"Yes", was the answer, "I have to step on the scale three different times to get the correct weight!" Funny how it only happened to that particular person, for when I weighed, our scales were correct compared with those at a clinic.

When pressed, it was revealed that the "correct" weight was the one the recipient wanted to see.

How often we do things until we get, not necessarily the right answer, but the answer which we feel is right for us, for that point in time. Sometimes we might open the Bible at random, thinking that the scripture we read will be our guidance for the day. However, if it happens to be one of admonition, or something which makes us uncomfortable, we perhaps press on until we find one to our liking. Sometimes in games, we might keep going until we find a number or a card we prefer. Sometimes we may ask for help with a problem but, not liking the answer one person gives us, and already "knowing" what we think the answer should be, we'll ask others until someone gives us the answer we want to hear.

It is when we are able to accept such seemingly insignificant things as a number on a scale, a randomly chosen passage from scripture, or the advice in the answer from a friend, that we begin to live within the statutes as handed down to us. For it is when we are able to differentiate between what we want to see, to hear, to have happen, and what He wants for us, that we really begin to experience living life to the fullest.

Prayer: O good and gracious God, grant that we may be more accepting of those things in our lives which appear to be not to our liking; things we'd rather not accept, or face as truths. Help us to learn to let go of the reasons we find them unacceptable; to accept them as they are given us, working towards changing what we can, and adapting to what we cannot. In your name we pray. Amen.

About the author:

Mary Daniel <marydee@shaw.ca>
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

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