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Worldwide Ministry posted on 9/24/20200
In Europe — During the summer, there have been some good conversations with J, a woman from North Africa, about the similarities and difference between following Jesus and being a Muslim. Pray that the Spirit of God would work in the heart of J and others.

5443 1. More On "Stage 4 Kidney Failure", originally posted by Kathy Nelson on 3/11/2019
Please pray for my friend Job. He is in stage 4 kidney failure and needs a transplant. He needs a match and God’s grace as he goes through the transplant and recovery. He is a good man with a very good heart. Thank you for your prayers
Update posted on 9/23/2020: Please continue to pray for Job as his appointment, to find out if the cancer is gone, was postponed until the first week of Oct. He has been really drained lately, very much to himself and I know he is worried and scared. Keep his family in your prayers as I am sure they are worried

427 2. More On "Job", originally posted on 8/14/2020
Please pray for C. He has been out of work for five months due to medical problems. He needs a job to pay his bills and build his confidence again. May God open a door for C to obtain work. All things are possible with God, I believe that a job will open soon with all our prayers. Thanks for praying for him. God bless
Update posted on 9/23/2020: Please continue to pray for C. He has put out many resumes. Pray the Lord will open someone to give him a chance at a job. He is a good worker and how he is getting so discouraged and it's beginning to affect his health. Help me to be patient as we await a job opening. God is good and things will change. I believe. Thanks

52 3. More On "ICU with a 50-50 chance of survival", originally posted by Jonnie on 9/22/2020
Laura was air-flighted to an Intensive Care Unit in Portland, Oregon. She has various Illnesses but the doctors think now that there’s infection in one or more of Laura ‘s organs, leading to toxic shock. They say it could go either way. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will intercede and pray for healing for my daughter. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Update posted on 9/23/2020: Laura died yesterday morning. OHSU staff stood by her bed for the entire time, trying to keep her blood pressure up. Instead it kept dropping. We do not know why Laura died. Thank you so much for praying for her. I pray that God will take this pain and use it for His purposes.

Be the first 4. Prayer for Healing and Comfort posted by Lydia MacKinnon on 9/23/2020
In the last several days, Idabell, a faithful woman of God, has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Please pray for healing, comfort and peace of mind for her and comfort and peace of mind for her husband, Sydney, and sons and their families and for her extended family and all who know her. Please also pray for the medical team that is treating her.

366 5. More On "update on MH", originally posted on 8/28/2020
As the date of their moving draws nearer M H is losing heart. Father, encourage them and grant Your will be shown to them. Their income is scarce but your resources are vast. Grant, dear Lord, encouragement to them and show them either a car being available or housing. May Your name be praised. Amen
Update posted on 9/22/2020: They have another appointment to look at an apartment on Friday at 1p.m. Father, we ask that this may work out for them. To You be all Glory and praise. Amen

1705 6. More On "My son healing", originally posted on 6/20/2020
Pray for my son, Calvin, that he will come out of his depression.
Update posted on 9/21/2020: today is the first day of classes. please pray with me that he will get up and attend his classes and that this will be further progress towards recovery.

319 7. More On "Healing for Lillian", originally posted by Carole MacVicar on 8/14/2020
Please pray for Lillian that the cancer will leave her body and she will regain her strength and be completely healed. We ask this in Jesus' name.
Update posted on 9/19/2020: Thank you for your prayers for Lillian as she is now present with our Lord and Savior. Blessings to you all. The family has been so thankful for your prayers, and Lillian was comforted with your prayers. Thank you.

102 8. Revival in the world! posted by Ruth Baker on 9/18/2020
Father, this mysterious virus has brought chaos to the world. May the hearts of all humanity be awakened to be accountable for their lives and know in their hearts they need You to forgive their sins and lead us through to victory. The enemy of our souls is fighting hard toward distorting as many souls as he can. The problem is most people don't believe that Satan exists or that they believe that You are not who the Bible teaches us. You are the only living true God, the only one who made the perfect plan to redeem our souls back to You. Help humanity to waken to the reality of our existence. In Jesus' name. Amen.

458 9. More On "Arm pains", originally posted on 7/19/2020
A few weeks ago, I sprained the lower part of my left arm, wrist, and hand. My right one has tendonitis. For support I am wearing gauntlets. I'm struggling with the pain each has caused. The pains are so bad that they're keeping me from falling asleep or are waking me in the night. Please pray that both will heal quickly and completely. Help me, heavenly Father. Amen.
Update posted on 9/17/2020: My situation is improving. I can now go longer periods without wearing my gauntlets but need to wear them each night for sleeping which was originally prescribed. When the pain flares I know to put them back on. It makes sense to take things slowly but surely so I don't have a setback. I appreciate all the prayers that have been said for me. May God continue to heal me during this journey to complete renewal. Amen.

117 10. Please pray for my Granddaughter posted on 9/17/2020
Please pray for my eldest granddaughter "D" who's turning 21 in Dec as she takes the biggest step in her life. She left Wednesday night by plane and then was to be picked up by car for the remainder to her destination. For the next six months she will be learning a new language, reside and work with missionaries, and do photography in another country. Your prayers for her safety, good health, and enjoyment would be most appreciated. May she make good memories and come back to us, her family who will greatly miss her. Amen.

118 11. Prayers for House Sale and Move posted on 9/17/2020
The buyers of our home breached the sale and did not close. We have purchased two homes and a camper based on their firm unconditional offer. We have our entire home packed and were to be arriving in PEI today. Please pray that they or preferably a new buyer come through ASAP and that we are granted extensions. This has been an emotionally draining and very stressful time. Please pray for peace for everyone.

730 12. More On "Cancer", originally posted on 7/19/2020
Please pray for my brother, M, who is going through cancer treatment. Please pray that the treatment will be successful and that he gets through the process as comfortably as is possible and becomes cancer free.
Update posted on 9/16/2020: Praise God, the stem cell transplant went very well and my brother is going home today. He will have weekly appointments with the hospital to make sure everything continues to go well. Bless you all for your prayers and please continue to pray that he will become cancer-free and not have any other health problems as a result of the chemo.

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