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Pray Worldwide Ministry posted on 3/7/202127
In Asia — Please pray for many new believers who are going through hardships and persecution. During these times it can be hard to hear God, especially when He may not answer in the way they want. They do not have easy access to the Word or fellowship with other believers. Pray that they would be strengthened in Christ.

Pray 3097 1. More On "My son healing", originally posted on 6/20/2020
Pray for my son, Calvin, that he will come out of his depression.
Update posted on 3/6/2021: My son is on new medication. He has also applied for a few jobs and one seems quite possible. Please pray that things move forward. He is easier to live with now which is a relief. I just want him to become a happy, functioning member of society. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Pray 202 2. More On "Please pray for Dougald", originally posted by Darl on 2/17/2021
My dad recovered well from his surgery but now his cancer has spread and he had some setbacks... (more)
Update posted on 3/6/2021: My dad's latest cat scan showed the cancer has spread. Please pray that he will be able to tolerate his next treatment and that it will make a difference. Many thanks for your prayers.

Pray 319 3. More On "Covid19 Symptoms", originally posted by Cass Wessel on 2/17/2021
Please pray for my daughter who woke yesterday feeling sick with symptoms like Covid19's. She... (more)
Update posted on 3/4/2021: My daughter's husband has also been diagnosed with Covid- 19. Please pray for total healing for them both. She has ear infections.

Pray 83 4. OAD posted by Orlanda Drebit on 3/4/2021
My dear friend D needs your prayers. She has been suffering for years from extreme sinus issues. After a two and a half hour surgery, Lord we pray for complete healing to occur.

Pray 85 5. OAD posted by Orlanda Drebit on 3/4/2021
L needs your prayers after being hospitalized recently. He is still recovering from cancer surgery and now has pnemonia. Please strengthen the family and give them all your amazing hope.

Pray 390 6. More On "For complete healing", originally posted by Cass Wessel on 2/1/2021
More tests and appointments with cancer doctors loom this week. Please pray for complete healing.... (more)
Update posted on 3/3/2021: I fell last night. The hospital doctors said that I had no broken bones. I am very achy now. Prayers are appreciated.

Pray 90 7. Please help me pray for my Mom, C.D. posted on 3/3/2021
Praise God for all prayers for my Mom, C.D. Please continue to lift her up, to our Lord, Jesus, our mighty saviour and healer. Please continue to watch over her and strengthen her during this time as she will be transferred to a new care home soon. Please let this be a smooth transition for her and for the new staff to be kind and that they will give her the best care. Lord, I beg you for a healing miracle for my Mom, C.D. and for her continued protection from Covid-19 and all variants. In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Pray 3155 8. More On "Prayers please", originally posted on 11/15/2019
I will be seeing a Neurologist next week for some health issues that I have been having. I would... (more)
Update posted on 2/24/2021: Your continued prayers for my health issues are greatly appreciated. More bloodwork was done yesterday. Thank you

Pray 117 9. O.W. posted on 2/24/2021
This famous person has been coming into my mind recently. As far as I know, she is not yet a believer in our Christ Jesus Redeemer. Could we pray for her and her company? May the Holy Spirit touch her even in her next show, so that God's Truth will be revealed, Am I asking too much?? No, God is able.!

Pray 531 10. More On "Mrs.", originally posted on 1/20/2021
Pray for my 18 year old grandson. He has dropped out of school and is with the wrong crowd. He is... (more)
Update posted on 2/24/2021: Please pray for my nephew who is out of work and behind on his rent. Pray that God will lead him to a decent paying job so that he can pay his child support and rent and other bills. Thank you and God Bless All!

Pray 180 11. Healing of Gracie posted by Josephine on 2/23/2021
I greet you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My daughter, who is a down syndrome, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. She has so many health problems. Please pray very hard for her health that our Redeemer King may heal her completely. Thank you and God's blessings

Pray 164 12. Dr. Edward Blackwelder posted by Robert Edward Blackqwlswe on 2/22/2021
Please pray for Rick Hamm who is suffering from Covid-19 and is on a ventilator at University of Alabama Bimingham Hospital. Remember, also, his wife Shannon Hamm. Thank you and God bless! Dr. Edward Blackwelder, Th.D., Ph.D.

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