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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 10/17/2018
(International Day for the Eradication of Poverty) Pray for all people who do not have enough healthy food, a safe home, or a community for fellowship. Pray that governments will develop and continue programs to reduce poverty.

Praise report posted by Cheremiah on 10/13/2018
While Grandson Marcelo IV is in Texas for a 5 month Tech School, he has volunteered to be part of U.S.Air Force Chaplain White Ropes. Responsibilities include: helping guide airmen wanting to attend church, helping boost positiveness, helping pastors, with church cleaning, communion assistanance or any other need the church may have. Thank you Jesus. Amen. Cheremiah

Wisdom and Peace posted by Rod Marshall on 10/13/2018
After some years of not serving I have been asked to take the service of my local Baptist church. This involves leading, communion and preaching to a medium sized church. I would be grateful for prayer to not get pressurized by fear or complacency, to know God's peace as I lead, and to know God's heart for this congregation. R

Divorce posted on 10/12/2018
I am going through a divorce. I am frightened and worried about my future. This has been an abusive relationship and yet I am struggling to let go of it. I don’t feel well and don’t sleep well. I am struggling financially and emotionally. I feel so much shame. I am praying for a miracle. Thank you for praying for me.

Vision hazy from Vitreous Prolapse posted by Myrtle Macdonald on 10/11/2018
Since May 12, 2017 white haze always affects my left eye. Dec 7 for several hours it totally blocked vision in that eye. Next morning, retina specialist Dr. Hugh Parsons saw bleeding in the Vitreous. Dec 20, a B Scan (ultra sound) showed it due to a Vitreous tear near the 2003 cataract surgery. Four more scans show the bleeding has stopped. Vision is always fuzzy through the haze. March 6, 2018 my eye started twitching and/or aching for short periods. March, 27 he saw that the cataract lens is loose! Next appointment is in April 2019, quicker if pain or vision change. He said surgery could be dangerous. Maybe I should get tested for new glasses by the Optometrist who prescribed my glasses early in 2017. He was first to diagnose Prolapsed Vitreous, saying it might move to cover my pupil, and if so I should go to an ophthalmologist but that surgery or laser could do more harm than good. Please pray for wisdom, skill and healing.

Prayers for peace, strength and healing. posted on 10/11/2018
Please pray for Mary who has received a diagnosis of lung cancer. She will undergo further tests to see if it has spread to other ares before any treatment is discussed. Please pray that God will surround her with His loving arms and give her strength for the journey.

More On "Prayer for Doreen", originally posted on 10/10/2018:
"Please pray for Doreen who has terminal liver cancer. She is having falls and passing out. Pray she..." (more)
Update posted on 10/11/2018: Thank you for all your prayers.

Mrs. posted on 10/10/2018
Prayer that Craig can be delivered form alcohol addition and find favor with the legal system.

Prayers for Medical and Spiritual Wellness posted on 10/10/2018
My adult daughter, "M", is suffering with multiple serious medical, emotional, and spiritual issues. One after the other appears, giving her no hope or relief at all. Please pray that she can find comfort and healing through Jesus and that He will guide her through her issues. As a mother, I worry and pray about her condition every day. Thank you so much for any and all prayers and support you can offer.

Prayer for Health posted on 10/10/2018
I was just recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, my family just lost my daughter and a sister. The pain is still there and now this. Please pray for the wisdom for proper treatment. Thank you

Broken Heart posted on 10/9/2018
SEC - Our very special granddaughter is incarcerated for the second time. She has found herself in a relationship with a person who is controlling and abusive. She now has a precious child who is, at present, being cared for by family members. This person has such a hold on her thinking that we fear, when released, she will so back to the same cycle. She suffers from anxiety and poor self esteem; but is extremely bright and not without fault. We are a family who loves the Lord and loves others. We need prayers for this situation to have a blessed outcome for her, her child, and our family. We are thankful for any support!

Prayers for Marie posted on 10/8/2018
Several months ago I requested prayers for my friend Marie who was diagnosed with colon cancer and was entering treatment. She recently had scans which were all clear, no signs of any metastasis, and she took her final chemo on Tuesday. It has been a long hard road but God has truly been good with us throughout. Thank you all for your support and prayers.

More On "Slow Recovery", originally posted on 9/23/2018:
"My friends AK & DK are slowly recovering through a rough summer. AK had to go back for further..." (more)
Update posted on 10/6/2018: AK has had a set back. Just when she thought she was finally starting to heal, she finds she has infection again. Please continue praying for her. Her husband DK, I think, is beginning to adjust to his cochlear ear surgery. They are appreciative of all the prayers for them. I also wish to thank all

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