Home Screen IconAlthough PresbyCan doesn’t have a mobile app for accessing our content, you can still have a PresbyCan icon on your smartphone home screen. Creating an icon on your home screen lets you use it as a one-tap portal to the PresbyCan website, instead of having to open a browser and then selecting a bookmark or typing in “presbycan.ca”. PresbyCan has a dynamic mobile-friendly layout, so accessing it from your home screen becomes an app-like experience. Here’s how to do it:

iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch Safari on your ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌.
  2. Navigate to presbycan.ca or PrayerLine.
  3. Tap the Share icon (the square with an arrow pointing out of it IOS Share Icon) at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Scroll down to the list of actions and tap Add to Home Screen.
  5. Give your icon a name and tap Add at the top of the screen.
  6. If you don’t see the action, scroll to the bottom and tap Edit Actions, then tap Add next to the Add to Home Screen action. After that, you’ll be able to select it from the Share Sheet.


  1. Launch “Chrome” app.
  2. Navigate to presbycan.ca or PrayerLine.
  3. Tap the menu icon (3 dots in upper right-hand corner) and tap Add to homescreen.
  4. Enter a name for the icon and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.

PresbyCan is a community of faithful, Holy Spirit-filled, Christ-centred, God-honouring Christians.