1 John 4:19-20 – We love because God first loved us. Those who say, 'I love God', and hate their brothers or sisters are liars; for those who do not love a brother or sister whom they have seen, cannot love God whom they have not seen.

Do you read Charlie Brown comics? You should. There is more theology in them than in most of the sermons I hear. Lucy, in one Peanuts comic strip for example says: "I love humanity. It's people I can't stand.'"

I wonder how many of us feel like Lucy – doing just fine with the big issues of world hunger, concern for the oppressed, and petitioning against landmines – yet unable to reach out in love to a family member or a neighbour who lives ever so near.

Living Faith says: We cannot claim to love God, whom we do not see, if we hate those about us, who we do see. Love of God and of neighbour fulfils the law of God.

Prayer: Help us to seek to live in love today. Help us to know and believe that love is seeking the best for others and is the mark of the Christian. Amen.

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