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Wednesday, August 6, 2014
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Our daughter, who is deaf, has a special way with animals. She's had a variety of pets over the years: hamsters, ferrets, a rabbit, several dogs and cats, and two horses. While she was working on a horse farm, two stray cats were dumped there one Halloween day. One was black, later named Spook, and the other was a tabby, Tiger. When she lost her job at the farm, she planned to bring the two cats home with her, but a few days before her last day at the farm, Tiger disappeared. She took Spook home with her, and he lived out the rest of his days with her.

Four years later, Tiger found her new house and hung around for a short while. But he got in a fight with another cat and disappeared. She never saw him again until six years later, when he showed up at a local gas station. When our daughter discovered him, she would go over there and spend time with him, until last summer when many stray cats in the area were rumoured to have been taken to another city to be neutered. She frantically tried to locate him, calling Humane Societies and vets in many different cities. And even though she couldn't track him down, she never gave up on seeing him again.

Miraculously, a few weeks ago, Tiger showed up in the shed on her neighbour's property. After much coaxing and patience, he slowly but surely found his way to her back porch where she was able to pet him, and now he is venturing into her house to visit.

As I thought about this the other day and how amazing it is, I was once again reminded of how amazing our God is. We may wander away from Him for a time, but, like my daughter with Tiger, He never gives up on us, and He is always waiting patiently for us to come back home to Him.

Our daughter was overjoyed to see Tiger again and couldn't wait to hold him in her arms once more — just like our God, Who welcomes us back home to Him with joy and open arms.

Luke 15:20b – But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him. (NIV)

If you have strayed away from God, don't hesitate to find your way back to Him and experience the joy of being welcomed back home. Like the parable of the prodigal son, know that Your Father in heaven truly cares about you. Rest assured that He wants to welcome you back. Notice that it is the Father Who ran to embrace the son!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, it is so good to know that You are always waiting patiently for us to come back to You when we have wandered away. We long to draw near to You so that You will draw near to us. Grant us the courage that we need to come to You just as we are, knowing that You have been there all along, watching and waiting with arms open wide. Amen.

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Dee Renaud <>
Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    A very reassuring reminder Dee. God bless.

    Thank you for today’s devotional…so very true!!

    What a beautiful devotional, thank you. God bless you and keep writing!

    Thanks for a good word today Dee.

    Beautiful story and wonderful devotional.
    God bless.

    Dee – So good to hear from you again. I loved your story about Tiger; it truly was a miracle to have him come home again.

    Hi Dee:
    I hope you realize that at least SOMEONE who reads your devotional will come back to God.
    Thanks for doing this again.

    Hello Ms. Dee,
    I thank you for the wonderful story “Coming Home,” about a stray cat finding his way back to his owner’s home and how the same thing happens to us with God.
    I received it from one of the groups that sends inspirational, short stories around the world. The story, however, touched my heart and soothed my soul in a very positive way.
    Best wishes,
    (Saudi Arabia)

    Good Morning Dee:
    I truly enjoyed your message.
    What a beautiful devotional demonstrating the power love and dedication brings into one’s life. It makes us kind and gentle, it makes us attentive, responsible and considerate and it provides us with the pleasure of giving our all we possibly can to someone we cherish.
    Your daughter was indeed a faithful and loyal friend to her beloved Tiger, as she demonstrated over and over again.
    I loved this message. Thank you for reminding me God never gives up on us, LOVES US and is always ready, with open arms, to forgive and forget our sins of the past and make us new creatures in Christ.
    A strong message, with words of wisdom.

    As I read your devotional, I was reminded of a cat I once knew. He was a tabby and belonged to a neighbour. When they moved to another house a few blocks away, he didn’t want to move. He kept showing up on the back step of his former home.
    We’d call his owners, they’d come retrieve him and a few days later he was back. He disappeared but on occasion we’d see him going across the field hunting mice.
    After a few years, we found him one evening sound asleep on the verandah furniture at our house. With some coaxing and food, his trust grew and that winter he was coming inside at night to sleep. One day, he disappeared without a trace.
    We all seem to need that feeling of safety that home and family give us — whether it’s an animal, a child, or even an adult. How truly wonderful that your daughter gave Tiger that sense of safety, caring, and true belonging that we all need.
    Do continue to write.
    God bless!

    Thanks for the reminder Dee. Sometimes we all need to be reminded that God is always there.

    I found your devotional waiting for me to join with you in knowing, we can find our way home. God bless.

    Dearest Dee!

    Thank you Dee for sharing about your daughter’s ministry.
    Father I ask that you open this young person’s ears that she may better communicate with the animals that you have given into her tender loving care. In Jesus name, Amen and Amen. Thank You Jesus.

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