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More On "Devastating time for my Daughter", originally posted on 12/11/2019517
"My youngest daughter "V" and her family are going through a devastating time. God knows..." (more)
Update posted on 3/22/2020: Due to the Covid-19 my daughter and husband's business had to close down. At this time they have no means of support. Their youngest daughter is having all the symptoms but the health unit won't check her until the symptoms get worse. Please pray for all their issues. In Jesus Name. Amen.

More On "Heart surgery", originally posted on 11/18/2019739
"My friend "C" is having heart surgery at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow (Tues). She is extremely..." (more)
Update posted on 3/22/2020: "C" is still awaiting the results from her test. It was very painful and she does not want to have it ever again. Praise God for bringing her through it. Due to the Covid-19 the results may be long in coming. Please pray that they figure out what's wrong and be able to help her before anything happens to her. Come Lord Jesus Come. Amen.

More On "Prayers for a Friend", originally posted by Cassandra Wessel on 3/1/2020302
"Please pray for a dear friend, Ethel Horner, who is having brain surgery this upcoming week on..." (more)
Update posted on 3/19/2020: Please continue to pray for Ethel and her family. Blessings, Cass

Covid-19 posted by Susan Woodburn on 3/19/2020122
Please continue your prayers for the world! Not only for the health challenges due to this virus but the economical struggles that millions will incur! We own a business, employing many. We’ve basically had to shut down operations! I am so concerned about our employees and the future of our company! I’m asking for your prayers. I know that there are so very many business owners in our same predicament! Please pray for all of us!

More On "Prayers Requested for healing", originally posted by Cassandra Wessel on 11/14/20191112
"I had another surgery on my chest yesterday for invasive ductal carcinoma. The doctor thinks that..." (more)
Update posted on 3/17/2020: Influenza has interfered with keeping follow-up appointments. Continued prayers appreciated for all impacted by flu and Covid19, also known as corona virus. Thank you and may you be blessed.

More On "Healing", originally posted on 2/10/2020353
"Pray for healing for a daughter who broke a bone in her right foot two weeks ago. If it..." (more)
Update posted on 3/17/2020: The X-ray still shows a crack, but she is not having pain now. Pray that this bone will heal. She is to go back in a month to see the doctor.

More On "Please pray for this child and her mom!", originally posted on 2/12/2020450
"A young, healthy 12 year old girl suffered very, very serious injuries in a downhill ski accident..." (more)
Update posted on 3/14/2020: This 12 year old girl has now moved hospitals, and is now into the rehab programme, and is fitted for a wheelchair. However, the daily emotional struggle for this preteen to adjust to the changes in her body...and the challenges to her ability to express herself...are great. Please continue to pray for strength and wisdom for her mom and healing of this girl's spirit, and that they both feel God's presence and His love very clearly.

Prayers for wisdom and healing posted on 3/9/2020134
Please pray for my adult daughter who has suffered a head injury. She is at that critical stage where she must modify all activities, rest, and allow her brain to heal. Her neurologist says no running because of the impact but she feels that maybe she is able. This could be a serious mistake. She needs to be setting up some vision rehab appointments, but she is concerned about the cost. Her determination has always been an asset, but I pray that God will direct her path and she will push herself only in healing ways. Lord, protect her.

Covid-19 Virus Outbreak posted by Cassandra Wessel on 3/9/2020115
Please pray for everyone who has this nasty covid-19, ie, corona virus, especially those whose bodies are immune system compromised. Also prayers requested for those suffering from influenza (flu).

Cancer strikes again! posted by Ruth Baker on 3/8/2020122
Father, today Aunt A. is suffering from cancer taking over her body! They are talking of putting her under hospice to prepare her for the end of her life here! You can perform miracles Lord. She has grandbabies that adore her and two sons and their wives. She needs your Holy Spirit today, to grant her comfort and peace as you do your will in her life. In Jesus name may, her family find you as Lord through it all! Amen

Absent daughter posted on 3/7/2020133
Please pray for Katie, aged 32, who is estranged from her family. Her contact is only by e-mail. Her last actual visit was 6 years ago. She has a mental condition. Her family is concerned for her and miss her. Dear Father, in Your mercy, grant that Katie may be in contact with us. Clear her mind of all resentment and grant that she will see Your will. Her parents are suffering every day that she is away. May Your Name be glorified. Amen

Transportation! posted by Ruth Baker on 3/7/2020102
Lord grant us guidance today to find an affordable car for grandson that is safe and dependable! Even if you choose, you may have someone contact him about the right car. You know his name and number! Your resources are not limited! In Jesus name amen

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