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Mrs. posted on 8/13/2019107
Please pray for M to truly enter into the Lord's rest for her salvation. She knows the Bible well, yet is afraid she only has head-knowledge, not a real relationship with the Lord. She desperately wants to know that she is right with Him, but is fearful that she doesn't have true love for Him or child-like, saving faith. She's been terrified of hearing Him say, "Depart from Me..." Thank you for praying!

Healing posted on 8/11/2019100
Pray for complete healing for son's torn ligaments in knee. Thank you for your prayers.

More On "Prayer for Carole", originally posted on 5/28/2019533
"Please pray for Carole with 10 days of a cough and pain in the lungs. May it not be pneumonia. May..." (more)
Update posted on 8/7/2019: A divine healing, as the blood clot in Carole's right leg has had a bypass artery created naturally and the blood is flowing 100% without any operation or medication. Thank- you all for your wonderful prayers. Donnie.

Complete healing of heart posted on 8/7/2019143
A 20 year old young lady, a competative diver, was on a diving board for practice, but did not come down. Others went up to find her heart had stopped, revived her , called for ambulance, which came and took her to hospital but her heart keeps stopping. Please pray that the doctors can find out the cause, and begin to treat her to begin the healing process. Pray for her family and teammates as well. Thank you.

Update on Victoria posted on 8/3/2019133
Please pray for Victoria. Her medications have been changed often and now she is having wild mood swings even in an hour. She is talking of ending it all, because she can't do what she wants. She is a really attractive young lady, tall and slim but she says she does not believe people when they tell her that. She says that they are thinking that she is fat and ugly. She has an appointment with the doctor on Tuesday. May God give her peace. Father we ask for Your mercy and may You be Glorified

More On "Stage 4 Kidney Failure", originally posted by Kathy Nelson on 3/11/20191402
"Please Pray for my friend Job. He is in stage 4 kidney failure and needs a transplant. He needs a..." (more)
Update posted on 8/2/2019: Job's kidney function has dropped and he sure could use some prayer for it to improve. Job smiles a lot and he tries to be positive, but there are times when I know that he is afraid...none of us are comfortable facing our weaknesses or the fear of the unknown. This experience is helping Job to grow into a better man even though he is already a good man. Pray for him to hear God speak to him and that he will listen and that his soul will know peace as he will be comforted and not be afraid. He will trust, believe and receive. God is Great all the time.

Part-time job needed posted by Ruth Burk on 8/1/201980
Please pray for my son who came home from work today to say that for the rest of the summer his hours have been cut in half ... he was looking for part-time work before this ... Now he really needs it! Pray that he will find more work, or more reliable work, and that he will keep up hope and trust in God. Thanks for your prayers.

Pray for complete healing posted by Karen Reimche on 8/1/201977
Please pray for my friend Linda Lou who has just finished her last chemo for lung cancer. Please pray that she will be completely healed forever of all cancer. I told her how this PrayerLine prayed for me and God healed me of my cancer 5 years ago. Thank you again for my prayers and for prayers for Linda Lou now. Your prayers really do work. Our God is an awesome God!

More On "Young couple, new job!", originally posted on 6/24/2019343
"Praise God for providing a new job for the young lady that I pray for! She begins tomorrow, and it..." (more)
Update posted on 7/30/2019: The new job is challenging but going well. Thank you for your prayers and please remember them again now, as Saturday is move-in to their new home. It is amazing how quickly this day has come. Please pray with me that the young couple, their friends and family, work together well and are able to get things done without mishap or injury. And please pray that the Spirit of God will be with them in their new home, to direct their paths, that in the quiet of the night they realize how fortunate they are and count their blessings, that they will turn to each other in kindness and love. Although times are so busy and demanding, God never abandons us in His mercies, thanks be to God. In Jesus name

More On "Friend suffering from addiction suddenly bereaved (husband)", originally posted on 3/30/2019913
"Heavenly Father, we do not know Your plan, but trust in You. Please hold my friend suffering from..." (more)
Update posted on 7/30/2019: Got some texts and an email from my friend, a sign that she is managing, feeling better and healing. Praise be to God, who shepherds us in our struggles, and for prayer supports from complete strangers who share their time and love (our family of God!) We show our love for Him by caring for each other. Praise and thanksgiving to God, and thank you. Please continue to pray that she will recognize opportunities and begin to reach out to others, in Jesus name

Daughter’s need posted on 7/30/2019114
Lord I come to you not knowing how to pray for my daughter who is suffering after surgery. We live far apart. Be with her each moment, through the discouragement, pain, and uncertain future. Gently speak to her and guide her, provide persons to support her physically, spiritually and emotionally, and help me to know the things to say and do. I pray for others in this situation as well. in Jesus name.

Prayer posted on 7/28/2019108
Pray for strength and wisdom for a grandmother who will be looking after her 2 year old grandchild for an indefinite time. pray also for travelling mercies for her travelling back and forth to her own home on weekends.

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