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More On "Stage 4 Kidney Failure", originally posted by Kathy Nelson on 3/11/20191977
"Please pray for my friend Job. He is in stage 4 kidney failure and needs a transplant. He needs a..." (more)
Update posted on 10/31/2019: Please continue to pray for Job's kidneys to improve or for him to get a match for a transplant. Please pray for him to have a fast recovery.Please pray for me to be patient and trust in the Lord. Thank you for all the prayers for him.

Parents apart posted on 10/31/201997
On his disability pension, EM paid his rent and other debts while he was in treatment for addiction to valium. His estranged partner has the children although she has untreated bipolar and addictions including drugs, alcohol, and social media. He fears for their safety and has applied for custody. Both have had a measure of faith in Christ but little knowledge of the Word of Christ. Pray for a church family nearby and mentors to nurture them to forgive, care and get hired in worthy employment. Some of you have been praying for them for a long time. Thank you. God is able to do more than we ask or think.

More On "Pray for successful surgery", originally posted by Anita McLennan on 8/1/2019696
"Please pray for my friend B who is to undergo surgery to remove a cancerous growth on her colon...." (more)
Update posted on 10/31/2019: I saw B the other day and she days she is feeling better, but she certainly is having a rough time recuperating from the 3 hour surgery. It is not easy when you are not young anymore. She will have the MRI mid November and perhaps is a little concerned about the diagnosis. Please continue to pray. Thank you.

California Fire ... posted by Ruth Burk on 10/29/2019107
I can't decide to add 'victims' or 'concerns' to the title. Let's just pray for those affected by the fires ... whether it be smoke inhalation or loss of homes and possessions. Many of us will know of someone affected by these fires. May God be with them as they work out the best way to survive.

More On "My eldest Daughter needs your prayers", originally posted on 10/19/2019219
"My Daughter "J" needs your prayers desperately. She is being pressured to separate from..." (more)
Update posted on 10/29/2019: "J" is doing better but is still overwhelmed. The family is now getting counselling. The husband is living with his mother and is only allowed visiting rights when my daughter is home. May God wrap this family in His tender loving arms to give them comfort, healing, and protection. Amen.

More On "Medical", originally posted on 10/10/2019241
"Pray for healing for brother who is going through chemo treatments for lung cancer, and pray that..." (more)
Update posted on 10/28/2019: Brother is in Florida now. Pray that he will get the right treatments there to treat his cancer. The treatment he had here was very rough on him.

Stress posted on 10/24/2019130
Please pray for B as I worry and stress far too much about everything. I know God is in control but I find myself trying to fix everything. It is taking a toll on me. I need peace and to be free from worry. Pray that I can trust God more and to leave all stress and worry at our Saviour's feet. I give it all to you Lord.

United in fauth! posted by Ruth Baker on 10/23/2019106
Father, we ask first for forgiveness for our sins and short comings. Help us in every way through your Holy Spirit's direction. May we love and respect everyone as you love us, unconditionally! Father mold our hearts to serve you and know how to follow your will in our individual lives. Open our eyes to all truth Lord and grant to us a constant heart of repentance. If there is anything or anyone we have dishonored, help us to repent and ask forgiveness. In Jesus name and to you Lord God be all glory, honor and praise. Amen

Deliverance from witches posted by alice maud on 10/16/2019176
There is spiritual war fare being waged against my grand daughter kf. Pray for deliverance from all Satanic bondages in the name of Jesus. God bless you.

Cancer returned posted by Ruth Burk on 10/14/2019176
RMM's cancer has returned. She had esophageal cancer surgery 3 years ago. A CT scan 2 weeks ago, showed cancer in two places in her bones (left thigh and thoracic spine T9) and liver. The doctors are very encouraging that it can be beaten as they caught it early. She starts today with a liver biopsy.

Healing for. O. posted by Ruth Baker on 10/13/2019143
Father, O is soon to find out the results of his lung biopsy. May the report bring good news and that he be free from cancer for all time. In Jesus name Amen

Ms. posted by Vida Schmidt on 10/12/2019127
Please pray for safe travelling for my daughter and family ( husband and 3 very young children) as they travel great distances by car this coming week in very short timelines. Also pray that they would support oldest son 'S' by giving at least as many positive comments per day as negative 'S' is 5 and has recently been diagnosed with gross and fine motor skill issues, which is deeply disappointing in their sports crazy family.

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