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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada7
Pray for farmers as they prepare for the harvest season and for food security in Canada and around the world.

More On "Medical", originally posted on 4/23/2019710
"My husband is going to see a naturopathic doctor. Pray that he will be able to help him with his..." (more)
Update posted on 8/19/2019: MY husband is back in hospital with a UTI and pneumonia. He is very ill and very confused. Pray for healing of his infections and that this confusion will clear. Thank you for your prayers.

More On "Pray for Pat", originally posted by Carole MacVicar on 7/22/2019232
"Please pray for Pat who has severe pain in her back and legs. Pray for a complete healing for her."
Update posted on 8/19/2019: Dear friends, thank you so much for your continued prayers. My sister is still in extreme pain and finding it hard to walk without help. Please continue to pray for complete healing in her back, arms and legs. She becomes exhausted very easily so pray for renewed strength.

Newly wed wife has breast cancer. posted on 8/18/201964
My grandson CA was married in July. His wife K has had a relapse of cancer. May Jesus our Lord inspire accurate miraculous treatments and fellowship for this gifted professional couple. To protect me he did not tell me until today. Pray for me to be a real help for them and all our relatives.

Dark clouds surrounding me posted on 8/17/201976
Please pray that I may have peace that my mother’s soul is resting in peace. Today she would have been 92. Please pray for my son C and his wife to be healthy and may God grant success in everything they plan. Pray that I might have a healthy grandchild. Pray for me, that I might concentrate in praising God, and let him show me a solution to my financial problems so that I can enjoy life thinking of God and his goodness,and not of how I can get food or a roof over my head. It’s a lot to ask but if any join me in my prayer, it will happen. Thank you.

More On "Update on "M"", originally posted on 6/14/2019352
"Please pray for M whose husband suffers from a mental condition. He refuses to take any medication..." (more)
Update posted on 8/16/2019: M has had blood work done and some worrying results have come back. She sees the doctor on the 19th. Father, calm her fears and increase her faith as she waits. May Your will be done. All glory be to You. Amen

More On "Pray for successful surgery", originally posted by Anita McLennan on 8/1/2019229
"Please pray for my friend B who is to undergo surgery to remove a cancerous growth on her colon...." (more)
Update posted on 8/16/2019: Barb is doing well and saw her family Doctor to get her staples out but has no results from the Lab yet. She has to have another C scan as they saw a spot on her liver that they want to explore more fully. Please pray this is not a worrisome spot and that they find no further tests and treatment are needed. Barb wanted me to thank you for your prayers.. She said that she was overwhelmed by all the caring people praying for her and she felt so much more peaceful going into surgery because of them. God Bless all of you.

Family posted on 8/15/201990
Please pray for my family to reunited. My oldest daughter, who goes to church and knows the Bible, dislikes her mother and sister. She degrades us so badly that the rest of our family are starting to feel the same way about us. When I try to reach out to her, she doesn't answer her phone nor text. I keep praying for us to be a family again, but nothing is working. I don't want anything from her, only her love. I don't know what to do. This is weighing very heavily on our hearts and minds. I need a lot of prayer.

More On "Scan on Friday", originally posted by Lori Ciccanti on 8/7/2019195
"Please pray that the tumor on my husband’s kidney will not show any signs of growth. We will..." (more)
Update posted on 8/15/2019: Lou’s scan showed that the tumor was slightly larger compared to the previous scan. As a result, the oncologist has increased his medication; then, in two months he will have another scan to determine if the cancer is stable or not. If necessary, we can try another treatment called immunotherapy. In any case, the doctor sounded positive because the growth was very minimal and there were no new metastasis. We remain hopeful and thankful to God for all He has done in response to everyone's prayers. Thank you also for the encouraging notes - we really appreciate them. Please continue to pray as often as the Lord puts it on your heart. In His Love, Lori

MS treatment posted on 8/14/2019100
I have MS for which I have just started a new treatment. Please pray with me that this treatment will halt the progression of the disease. A side effect of this treatment is weight gain. I have recently lost weight for health reasons and cannot afford to regain it back. Please pray with me in asking God to help me lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off by overcoming my food addiction. May God's will be done.

Mrs. posted on 8/13/201999
Please pray for M to truly enter into the Lord's rest for her salvation. She knows the Bible well, yet is afraid she only has head-knowledge, not a real relationship with the Lord. She desperately wants to know that she is right with Him, but is fearful that she doesn't have true love for Him or child-like, saving faith. She's been terrified of hearing Him say, "Depart from Me..." Thank you for praying!

Healing posted on 8/11/201994
Pray for complete healing for son's torn ligaments in knee. Thank you for your prayers.

More On "Sherry", originally posted on 6/13/2019279
"You have prayed before re John's colon cancer, metastatic to lung. He has had 3 surgeries and..." (more)
Update posted on 8/9/2019: John is having a CAT scan on Sunday, August 18 and a follow-up with the oncologist and the surgeon that same week. Please pray for an encouraging result. Thank you so very much for your prayers for him!

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