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Worldwide Ministry posted on 11/15/201959
Pray for Nightlight ministry in Kingston, Ontario, as they reach out to people in need. Praise God for a camp event on September 29, a special day for the guests who rarely leave the city, eating, relaxing and even some boating, thanks to volunteer helpers. Pray for more events like this, to bring joy and laughter into hard lives. pray also for a permanent location for Nightlight.

More On "Prayers for D and his family", originally posted on 10/26/2019222
"Please pray for D, who has been struggling with mental and physical health and is now in the ICU..." (more)
Update posted on 11/15/2019: Please continue to pray for this family as they deal with the aftermath of D's unexpected death and the accumulation of stresses that led up to it. Thank you for your generosity and may God bless you all.

Prayers Requested for healing posted by Grammy on 11/14/201964
I had another surgery on my chest yesterday for invasive ductal carcinoma. The docytor thinks that he's got it all this time. he will follow-up in a couple of weeks and then I will have radiation for four weeks afterwards. Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be interesting this year. Thanks for the prayers and the continued prayers.

More On "Beautiful Son", originally posted on 9/18/2019219
"For several years my son struggled with ‘deadly’ addiction and many prayers have gone..." (more)
Update posted on 11/12/2019: I want to thank everyone who has held my son up in prayer throughout his ongoing recovery and would like to ask for continued prayer on his recovery path! He is progressing and showing what prayer can do for our brokenness! PRAYER IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST MEDICINE! Thank you for your love and kindness! God bless you all!!!

More On "Recovering but isolated", originally posted on 11/1/2019161
"Please pray for those of us who are recovering from illness, and are unable to participate in..." (more)
Update posted on 11/10/2019: Thank you for your prayers. This has been an amazing month full of healing. God is good and you have helped Him and me. I am grateful!

Clear direction! posted by Ruth Baker on 11/9/201979
Father, I am asking for your clear instruction for my daughter D. She has been battling a major decision in her life and needs your input on what the right choice is concerning her job! M. has suggested she leave her job and stay at home for a long needed rest from battling this decision. Please make it clear to her, Lord, what is the right choice so she that has no more battles in her mind. In Jesus name send her peace of mind and end this stressful decision. Thank you for accepting our prayers and looking at our heart and wanting what is best for us. Again in Jesus name, Amen

Praise posted by Ruth Baker on 11/9/201971
Father, I want to take time to praise you for the complete healing of the baby who was battling meningitis! Thank you that his best was not effected as thought, and he is happy and completely healed through many prayers of faith in your ability to handle every situation we may face. I can't thank you enough for your love and goodness you provide to us daily! In Jesus name Amen

More On "Recovery from Fire", originally posted by Grammy on 10/26/2019253
"Praying for Grand Falls-Windsor as they carry on recovering from that nasty fire!"
Update posted on 11/9/2019: Praying for those impacted by wildfires and by conflicts.

Daughter's surgery posted on 11/8/201971
My Daughter "J" had surgery this morning for an upper abdominal Hernia. I am concerned she might do too much too soon. Pray for her family as they pitch in to help her with her normal asks. Please pray for a speedy & complete recovery and that God will answer our prayers. Amen.

Sherry posted on 11/8/201989
Please pray for a good result for John, who will have a whole body CT scan Nov.15, with results Nov.29. He has had 3 surgeries and 36 weeks of chemo.There is now hope that he is cancer-free. We thank God for His sustaining presence throughout, and we thank you for joining us in this prayer.

More On "Prayers for healing", originally posted by Orlanda Drebit on 10/9/2019224
"Please pray for R who is having vision problems due to optic pressure in one eye. Surgery is..." (more)
Update posted on 11/8/2019: It is so encouraging to know that you are all praying. The surgery went well, but there have been complications. Please pray for restoration of sight in the operated eye. May God Bless you all.

More On "Healing", originally posted by Mercy on 11/3/2019112
"O Lord: Please heal my finances and my body."
Update posted on 11/8/2019: I am in treatment for this chronic lymphedema of my left lower limb, but I just trust God that He can heal any condition. I know that He answers prayers and He will answer our cry to Him. I appreciate you all for your time in prayer for both my physical body and for my finances to receive divine touch from heaven. May God also meet you all at your point of need.

Pray For Healing posted by Carole MacVicar on 11/1/201995
Dear Friends, Please continue to pray for my sister Patricia. She is still experiencing extreme pain. At this time the pain is in her hips and legs. It is difficult for her to move, and needs help to get up and down. Please pray with us that Jesus the Great Physician will heal her and restore her to good health and strength

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