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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <> on 02/17/2019
Remember the Rev. Daniel Cho as he visits with congregations and groups during this moderatorial year. Give thanks for his compassion as he meets and listens to members across the church.

My brother-in-law went to rest with the Lord! posted on 2/16/2019
With a heavy heart, my brother-in-law didn't make it! The Lord took him on February 14th, 2019! Please pray for my sister, her kids, and extended family, while we deal with the loss of our loved one! Thank you for praying! Much appreciated!

Pray for all the people in your personal community. posted on 2/14/2019
Pray for everyone in your personal community. Valentine's Day can be tough! God loves you!!! Today and always.

Sherry posted on 2/14/2019
John, who you have prayed for before, had his CAT scan. The lung metastases are growing but nothing is found elsewhere. Radiation or surgery are the recommended options. Please pray we will choose well; one has more risks but higher efficacy. We are so grateful for your prayers! May God's will prevail.

Mom posted on 2/8/2019
Please pray for my son as we go through the legal system and mental health appointments that he will not go to prison but continue alternative sentencing. God has truly shown him His grace and mercy. Thank you for believing with us.

More On "Praise God from whom all blessings flow!", originally posted by Jonnie Baker on 1/22/2019:
"Although unable to find my previous request, I want to tell you that my son's lung tumor has..." (more)
Update posted on 2/7/2019: Shawn has developed a serious respiratory infection. Pneumonia is a major risk for folks with lung cancer and he already is experiencing a very obvious drop in energy, a high risk in itself. This prayerful support has been enormously important to me, so encouraging! And, it’s given Shawn more hope and peace. Thank you. Please pray that our Abba, Father will heal this respiratory infection totally & prevent its spread to Shawn’s lungs. Thanks, again!

Update on Friend needs prayers posted on 2/5/2019
Original request posted on 12/05/18 I just had an email from my friend "C" saying she has serious health issues but she has not said what they are. Please pray for her. Update on 02/08/19 The doctor put "C" on new pills for her heart issues but they caused an allergic reaction and she had to rushed by ambulance to the hospital. She's home again but now on Nitroglycerin. She told me that she felt like she's been thrown away by God. Lord God please let "C" know that you're always there for her along each path that she has to take. Give her courage, heal her and a give her a new outlook on life. Thank-you. Amen

Prayer for President and Prime Minister posted on 2/5/2019
Please pray for the President of the United States. He is a powerful man who needs the Lord. Pray for the staff around him, as they do their best for the Lord. Also pray for our Prime Minister and MPs as they do their jobs.

Healing posted by Mary on 2/4/2019
Please pray for Gary, father of two, who suffers from major ulcerative colitis. He began a new treatment four weeks ago, but is not feeling any better yet, and is experiencing severe side effects. Pray that God will intervene for him, giving him release from the illness and also from the side effects. At the present time, there really isn't another medication available to him to try. He very much appreciates your prayers.

More On "Justice and Mercy", originally posted on 12/10/2018:
"This week, a Christian man goes before the BC Human Rights Tribunal for expressing his beliefs,..." (more)
Update posted on 2/4/2019: We are still awaiting Tribunal decision. However this same man has another trial date February 15th for a different incident in Toronto in 2016. but no job, no money coming in, and mounting legal costs. Pray for him, his family and all in the legal system, to recognize what is hate and what is love.

More On "2019", originally posted on 12/31/2018:
"As we embrace a new year, let us be thankful for the past year and how the Lord has been faithful..." (more)
Update posted on 2/3/2019: Continue to pray for our leaders. Pray also for freedom of religion and freedom of speech in our own country.

Request for Prayer posted on 2/1/2019
Please pray for healing for my brother Jerry who is undergoing cancer treatment. I also ask for prayer for healing for my friend Brenda who is also going through cancer treatment. These two people have huge hearts for kindness and love..

Update on Victoria posted on 1/30/2019
Victoria seems to have had a setback. She called her Mum yesterday in tears. She says she feels awful and feels sick. She says that she does not want to go to further counseling as she is intimidated by the male doctor. She says that she will not be going on Monday to guidance meeting. Dear Father, she is in such a dark place. Shine Your light on her. Help her to see what she should do. May she be aware of Your presence. To You be all the Glory. Amen

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