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Worldwide Ministry posted on 2/18/202055
In the Middle East—-Pray for the believers to safely share their faith in the face of possible persecution and to grow in the knowledge of Christ. Pray for new workers to be empowered. Pray for safe fellowship for believers who who are fearful and isolated.

More On "Daughter’s concussion", originally posted on 1/1/2020448
"Please pray for my daughter. She has suffered a concussion to the top of her head, which is not..." (more)
Update posted on 2/17/2020: The lingering effects are extreme fatigue and vision problems. This means that she will have to reduce work hours.

OAD posted by orlanda drebit on 2/17/202054
Please pray with me for J and R, who are dealing with serious health issues. Pray that God will bring them qualified doctors and treatments. Uphold them, Lord God, with your strength and your presence.

More On "Healing", originally posted on 2/10/2020137
"Pray for healing for a daughter who broke a bone in her right foot two weeks ago. If it..." (more)
Update posted on 2/17/2020: Pray for complete healing for broken bone in daughter's right foot, if it doesn't heal in another week, the doctor is going to do surgery, put a plate and screws in. She doesn't want this, because she is afraid she will always have trouble with that foot.

Pray for my friend ... please! posted by Ruth Burk on 2/16/202082
DK and his family need your prayers -- I have just heard that he is on life support in the Newmarket hospital as the result of a heart attack.

Money issue is getting far worse posted on 2/15/202077
My Daughter had to have surgery and because the place where she worked hit a bad slump they had to let her go and will need to close their business. This all comes at a bad time financially because her husband totalled his sister's car yesterday. The money issue is getting far worse with a family of six to feed and bills to be paid. God please help them during this difficult time. Amen.

Car accident posted on 2/15/202072
Yesterday my son-in-law totalled his sister's car. I don't know all the details but apparently the Engine ended up in the front seat. The other newer car just had a couple of scratches. He was spared any serious injuries but was very sore. Only time will tell whether or not he has a whiplash or anything else. Thank-you God that you spared his life. Amen.

More On "Prayers Requested for healing", originally posted by Grammy on 2/6/2020137
"Please pray for my dear, aging friend Lulu who is having health issues. May God enfold her in His..." (more)
Update posted on 2/13/2020: My dear friend has been moved into a rehabilitation home. Please continue to pray for he. Your prayers are appreciated.

More On "Beautiful Son", originally posted on 9/18/2019588
"For several years my son struggled with ‘deadly’ addiction and many prayers have gone..." (more)
Update posted on 2/13/2020: My beautiful son received his 1 Year sobriety coin yesterday! God's grace is so beautiful and a wonderful thing to witness!!! Thank you to all who held him up in prayer! God bless you all! Please continue to pray for my beautiful son! Prayer is without question the best medicine!!! Gods loving grace to all! Peace and Love .

Please pray for this child and her mom! posted on 2/12/2020103
A young, healthy 12 year old girl suffered very, very serious injuries in a downhill ski accident this week. Her mom is with her at hospital in the city. Please pray for a miraculous healing of her head injury and recovery from the other traumas to her body. And please also pray for strength and stamina for her mom. Both know Christ as their Saviour and friend; may they sense his nearness, His love and His guidance in a tangible way.

Mom posted on 2/12/202089
Please pray for our son, who suffers from "Aquired Brain Injury", as a result of a car accident 20 years ago. He cannot hold a job and has few social contacts. He is now going down the path of double addictions (alcohol and drugs) and is being taken advantage of by bad characters.. He is an adult and lives on his own. He is in denial. We are heartbroken. Pray God helps him as we cannot.

Attitude change posted on 2/12/202073
Hi: Please pray for CM for an attitude change, He is unhappy with his job and it reflects on everything. Pray for peace and contentment in his present job until he can get a new job. Pray for a joyful attitude instead of a unhappy one. I do not want it to affect his home life. Thank you and may God bring CM joy.

prayer help needed posted on 2/12/202089
Please pray for my father who needs long-term care. The healthcare team want to send him to a centre in the interim which is far from his supports-his family, friends and church family. I fear that his mental health will suffer greatly even though this action is only until a placement is found. Unfortunately, this could be for an extended period of time. May God's will be done.

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