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Worldwide Ministry posted on 9/18/202024
In North America — Pray for congregations seeking to encounter today's culture with the good news of Jesus Christ, that they may faithfully represent the God who seeks and saves those who are lost. Ask God to instruct them in engaging people of all ages and backgrounds in conversation, and to pour out His love through them.

387 1. More On "Arm pains", originally posted on 7/19/2020
A few weeks ago, I sprained the lower part of my left arm, wrist, and hand. My right one has tendonitis. For support I am wearing gauntlets. I'm struggling with the pain each has caused. The pains are so bad that they're keeping me from falling asleep or are waking me in the night. Please pray that both will heal quickly and completely. Help me, heavenly Father. Amen.
Update posted on 9/17/2020: My situation is improving. I can now go longer periods without wearing my gauntlets but need to wear them each night for sleeping which was originally prescribed. When the pain flares I know to put them back on. It makes sense to take things slowly but surely so I don't have a setback. I appreciate all the prayers that have been said for me. May God continue to heal me during this journey to complete renewal. Amen.

32 2. Please pray for my Granddaughter posted on 9/17/2020
Please pray for my eldest granddaughter "D" who's turning 21 in Dec as she takes the biggest step in her life. She left Wednesday night by plane and then was to be picked up by car for the remainder to her destination. For the next six months she will be learning a new language, reside and work with missionaries, and do photography in another country. Your prayers for her safety, good health, and enjoyment would be most appreciated. May she make good memories and come back to us, her family who will greatly miss her. Amen.

36 3. Prayers for House Sale and Move posted on 9/17/2020
The buyers of our home breached the sale and did not close. We have purchased two homes and a camper based on their firm unconditional offer. We have our entire home packed and were to be arriving in PEI today. Please pray that they or preferably a new buyer come through ASAP and that we are granted extensions. This has been an emotionally draining and very stressful time. Please pray for peace for everyone.

1574 4. More On "My son healing", originally posted on 6/20/2020
Pray for my son, Calvin, that he will come out of his depression.
Update posted on 9/17/2020: We are back to a routine and things seem better. Cal should start school next week. I pray that he actually goes to the few in-person classes he has. He needs to be with people again.

685 5. More On "Cancer", originally posted on 7/19/2020
Please pray for my brother, M, who is going through cancer treatment. Please pray that the treatment will be successful and that he gets through the process as comfortably as is possible and becomes cancer free.
Update posted on 9/16/2020: Praise God, the stem cell transplant went very well and my brother is going home today. He will have weekly appointments with the hospital to make sure everything continues to go well. Bless you all for your prayers and please continue to pray that he will become cancer-free and not have any other health problems as a result of the chemo.

86 6. Pray for Healing posted on 9/15/2020
Pray for healing for daughter who is having shortness of breath. Pray that she will be able to wear a mask for hours at her daughter's wedding this fall without breathing problems. Thank you for your prayers.

282 7. More On "update on MH", originally posted on 8/28/2020
As the date of their moving draws nearer M H is losing heart. Father, encourage them and grant Your will be shown to them. Their income is scarce but your resources are vast. Grant, dear Lord, encouragement to them and show them either a car being available or housing. May Your name be praised. Amen
Update posted on 9/12/2020: There is a possibility of an affordable apartment in Hamilton. Dear Father, may the phone call come soon telling them it is theirs. To You be all thanks and praise and glory. Amen.

269 8. More On "Good News Awaited", originally posted on 8/29/2020
Pray for PS that test results will show all cancer was removed during surgery; that it did not spread; and that no further treatment will be necessary. PTL!
Update posted on 9/12/2020: Thank you for your prayers to date. Unfortunately, further treatment is required. Appointment with the oncologist at the end of the month will determine what follow-up treatment is recommended. Please pray for peace for PS and family and for wisdom for the medical team.

143 9. Grateful for your blessings posted by Adriana Avram on 9/9/2020
Hi God, It’s me, Adriana. Thank you for all your love and care so far for me and my family. I wanted to list here my needs and worries, but I realize that you know better than myself what I need and what I want. So, please God, keep my faith strong, that YOU will never abandon me and my children and family. All my plans have crumbled, but your plan for us will keep us safe and a ray of light is shining over what is meant to come to me, and I am so afraid. I do not deserve that much love. Do not let me, let myself down. Give me patience, heal me and my family, take the financial and loneliness burden away and keep me on your path. Love, A Christian

135 10. Glory and honor to our God who lives. posted by Ruth Baker on 9/8/2020
Father, thank you for giving me strength and purpose. Thank you for the recent ability to contribute in our household with minimal pain. Thank you for allowing me to see the clutter and have the will and determination to give away or get rid of things I have hoarded over the years. Thank you for letting me be aware of the sin in my life and for the desire to change and become stronger in my relationship with you. Thank you for increasing my faith and for answering prayer. I trust you to take care of the issues concerning two of my grandsons who I have been praying for years about. In Jesus name I look forward to our next project together. Amen

586 11. More On "Pray for work", originally posted by Carole MacVicar on 6/22/2020
Please pray for my husband to retain his job. Please may the decision makers see his value and not be involved in the politics.
Update posted on 9/8/2020: Thank-you for your many prayers, it seems that God has other plans for my husband as the job was not awarded to him. He is seeking another similar opportunity. Blessings to all.

156 12. Praise Report posted by Lori Ciccanti on 9/7/2020
Praise be to Jesus, Lou’s CT scan showed that most of the nodules on his lungs and the tumour on his kidney have decreased in size! Only one, on top of his adrenal gland, has grown larger. The doctor at Penn University recommended that we see an endocrinologist and then continue with immunotherapy. He said that this type of therapy usually takes longer to see positive results. So it is possible that the treatments he had last year were successful after all! What an unexpected blessing! Also, the doctor was amazed that Lou is still alive after nine years of battling metastatic kidney cancer. This gave us a wonderful opportunity to tell him about all your prayers and to give the glory and honor to God! Thank you, as always, for interceding on our behalf. As you can see, your prayers have truly made a difference.

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