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Pray Worldwide Ministry posted on 4/11/20212
In the Middle East — Pray for the "3" that I shared with to come to know Jesus. Pray for God's favour and wisdom on our team and that He who made a path through the Sea would show us the path ahead. God is good and we celebrate His goodness and faithfulness. Join us in praising our Holy King.

Pray 2456 1. More On "Prayers for Dave and family", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 4/27/2020
Dave and I are doing well. We are still adjusting to no outpatient groups and no physio for Dave.... (more)
Update posted on 4/10/2021: How great to have milder and sunny, springlike weather! Dave and I enjoyed going to one of the parks today, our first time since last fall. On the whole his headaches have been under control but sometimes they can be quite painful. His new leg splint has potential for giving more movement at his ankle and better help to stand. Thank you for your prayers. Linda

Pray 406 2. More On "Please pray for mental health and depression", originally posted on 3/19/2021
Please pray for a man that is depressed and just will not try to do anything but lie in his bed or... (more)
Update posted on 4/9/2021: Thanks be to God, there is improvement here. Don went for his shot yesterday and we took a drive around afterwards. He enjoyed his drive and we had a good evening and a happier man came out to breakfast this morning. He has found out that he can manage to get out and into the car so I intend to keep getting him out. Thank you for all your prayers.

Pray 66 3. Prayers for the Royal Family posted by Mary Daniel on 4/9/2021
Many lives have passed during this pandemic, and not the least of whom is the passing of Prince Phillip this morning (April 9th). In offering prayers for all who have lost a loved one, may we include the Royal Family, especially Queen Elizabeth who has lost her "steady rock" after 73 1/2 years of marriage. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen

Pray 145 4. Daughter needs prayers posted on 4/7/2021
My Daughter asked for prayers. For the past few months she has been having problems swallowing from what seems like a lump in her throat. An Ultrasound showed nodules and a swollen Thymus that needs to be Biopsied and possible surgery. They will be checking for Cancer. She said "I'm going to stand firm and believe Jesus word that I am and will be healed". Please pray for a good outcome. God help her in her time of great need. Amen.

Pray 109 5. Pray for Healing posted on 4/7/2021
Pray for healing for my sister-in-law who is suffering from back and hip problems.

Pray 135 6. Gone Home posted by David Leggatt on 4/5/2021
Please pray for my friend Rev. Mitch. We have been praying for her and her husband Rev. Jim. Today Jim went home to be with his Lord and Saviour. We know he is in a better place but it is still hard. Pray for Mitch and family as they grieve Jim’s passing.

Pray 370 7. More On "tiredness", originally posted on 3/21/2021
I have a problem to waken up. I slept last night from 12.20 until 5.40 pm I woke briefly for... (more)
Update posted on 4/5/2021: I fell on Friday and fractured my nose and have 2 lovely black eyes!! Prednisone seems to be working. Waiting to be seen by E/N/T doctor hopefully today (Monday) All praise to the Great Healer Amen

Pray 283 8. More On "Reaching out for prayer", originally posted by Mary Elyn Carroll on 3/21/2021
Pray for my friend Sonny, who recently had open heart surgery. Grant courage and faith to Sonny, to... (more)
Update posted on 4/4/2021: Sonny has improved and moving to re-hab tomorrow. God bless you for your prayers.

Pray 481 9. More On "Reverend", originally posted on 2/27/2021
Please pray for the state of Pennsylvania to use the fair funding formula to distribute money to... (more)
Update posted on 4/4/2021: Thank you for prayers for these and all school children. We have met with legislators very committed to fair funding and who see movement in the right direction. Only God can change the human heart as we believe justice, righteousness, and equality shall prevail. We know love is the answer and we pray for Christ’s love to rise above on Easter Day and everyday!

Pray 571 10. More On "Reverend", originally posted by Austin Chinault on 2/27/2021
My good friend and fellow church worker needs a stem cell transplant. Prayers for healing and for... (more)
Update posted on 4/4/2021: My friend is doing better. Prayers are wonderful and are much appreciated. His numbers are improving and the new donor of stem cells is proceeding according to plan. We are very hopeful for a successful outcome later in April. Thank you for your steadfast faithfulness—God is good and God’s love is eternal.

Pray 3005 11. More On "daughter", originally posted on 10/30/2020
My daughter needs something meaningful to do while she is recuperating at home. She is restless and... (more)
Update posted on 3/31/2021: Something deep is troubling Alison. She will not talk about it. Having gone through 2 near death experiences and still not completely well, and worrying about her future, family , social life, work/finances. I am worried about her spiritual life too. She had severe abdominal pains a few days ago and she asked me if God was punishing her...Keep praying please.

Pray 3532 12. More On "My son healing", originally posted on 6/20/2020
Pray for my son, Calvin, that he will come out of his depression.
Update posted on 3/30/2021: Yeah!!! He was hired.He starts in a week.

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