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More On "Young man needs prayer", originally posted on 5/12/2019217
"Gwen’s 21 year old son, Nathaniel, needs prayer. He has had a difficult time since his dad left. He had multiple, contradictory diagnosis (including autism), and pills from the age of 4. He had problems at school, self-medicated himself (pills and alcohol) . At his dad’s, he was in distress, and the police came. He spat, struggled violently, and the police charged him with assault. Please pray that there is no trial, no jail, and Nathaniel gets help."
Update posted on 5/16/2019: Gwen and Nat met with his lawyer yesterday. The police gave the lawyer video evidence of what happened. It doesn't look good for Nat. Gwen and Nat were both very discouraged. Nat needs medical help. Thank you for all your prayers. Gwen and I both really appreciate them.

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