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Pray Worldwide Ministry posted on 5/12/202156
In Saskatchewan — Give thanks for the pastoral and pulpit leadership that St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Moosomin Saskatchewan, has enjoyed for the past five years, and pray for them as they begin to evaluate and prepare for their future direction and leadership. Pray for Rev. Lip Boon Lee as she discerns her future.

Pray 3486 1. More On "daughter", originally posted on 10/30/2020
My daughter needs something meaningful to do while she is recuperating at home. She is restless and... (more)
Update posted on 5/10/2021: Alison's mood is erratic. She says that she is safe because God is protecting her, but the last several days, she told me to stop reading God's Word to her. She said I have lost the "privilege" of reading God's Word to her. This was because I said the practice of homosexuality is sin. Pray for Alison to accept truth and revelation from the Lord and obey Him.

Pray 3595 2. More On "Prayers please", originally posted on 11/15/2019
I will be seeing a Neurologist next week for some health issues that I have been having. I would... (more)
Update posted on 5/9/2021: I am to have two MRI’s on the 17th to see if they can find what is causing the pain. Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.

Pray 106 3. Medical posted on 5/9/2021
Pray for good medical help for my nephew S. to determine what is causing his severe stomach problems, along with his severe asthma, and pray for healing.

Pray 333 4. More On "A burden too heavy", originally posted on 4/18/2021
Please pray for those whose first response to extreme pain is addiction. I have a friend, Chris, in... (more)
Update posted on 5/6/2021: Thank you so much for your ongoing prayers, God is sustaining Chris. Her dog had to be put down. Losing her husband and dog have been devastating, yet somehow, (I believe because of our continuing prayers and God’s loving care and provision) Chris is rehabilitating and her new knee is healing well, while she manages her days. Please continue to lift her in prayer to God, I know he always listens and answers each prayer we make. We, the family and friends, are so encouraged and hopeful, and grateful. Thank you for your dedicated prayers.

Pray 1259 5. More On "Surgery", originally posted on 12/2/2020
Please pray again for Perry. He is still in serious but stable condition and has been transferred... (more)
Update posted on 5/6/2021: Unfortunately, Perry is no longer progressing. Because of his weakness, he can No longer drive his hand-controlled vehicle, and is completely dependent upon others for his needs. He continues to lose weight, and is starting to lose hope that he will ever get better. With the continuing virus, he is not getting any treatment. We are very concerned ? for his future.

Pray 164 6. A Friend needs prayers posted on 5/5/2021
My Friend "J" needs prayers. She called me yesterday and told me that she was waiting on blood results to find out whether she has Leukemia. "J" has always had anxiety problems and the newest medical issues have complicated that. However, she's been having sessions with a counsellor to work through things. Please pray that the tests come back negative and that there's no serious problems. God please help my dear friend. Amen.

Pray 272 7. More On "Granddaughter to have emergency surgery", originally posted on 5/1/2021
Please pray for my granddaughter "D" who got stuck in Mexico when the Covid-19 struck. I... (more)
Update posted on 5/4/2021: "D" is out of the hospital. It is not her appendix (they couldn’t see it on ultrasound) so they gave her I.V. and Antibiotics. The problem was probably an Infection picked up somewhere. She's feeling a bit better but still has to monitor her symptoms. I pray that she continues to improve. Gracious God thank-you for your help and I know that you will continue to watch over her. Amen.

Pray 406 8. More On "Daughter needs prayers", originally posted on 4/7/2021
My Daughter asked for prayers. For the past few months she has been having problems swallowing from... (more)
Update posted on 5/4/2021: My Daughter "V" has been gagging and vomiting for over a week now due to the lump. The Covid-19 restrictions means she's unable to have a consultation with the Specialist or have the surgery until at least Aug. I'm concerned that she'll loose too much weight during that time if her symptoms do not improve. She's suffering so much. Please pray for healing, and peace of mind for her and her family. Dear Lord watch over my precious Daughter and heal her. Amen.

Pray 334 9. More On "Canadian family stranded in Pakistan", originally posted on 4/24/2021
N.(husband) and T.(wife) and their 3 school age children are members of a Christian Reformed... (more)
Update posted on 5/4/2021: Praise the Lord N. & T. and their 3 children passed their Covid tests and are back home now to continue their quarantine. Many thanks to all who prayed for them.

Pray 155 10. Prayers for Erma posted on 5/3/2021
Please pray for my friend's sister, Erma. I don't know all the details, just that she is having health problems and needs prayer ... THANK YOU!

Pray 969 11. More On "Heart Attack and now Covid", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 1/5/2021
Prayers, please, for my friend Merle who is in Markham- Stouffville Hospital with a heart attack.... (more)
Update posted on 5/3/2021: I talked with Merle yesterday. She is home from the hospital but has breathing problems and physical walking problems. She mentioned that to get into the house her husband has to lift her right leg for each step! She is not sure what will be happening to get her more mobile. PLEASE continue to pray.

Pray 155 12. Pray for wisdom posted on 5/1/2021
Please pray for a music teacher, and band teacher, who is running out of ideas how to teach pupils who, because they wear masks, cannot sing, and they cannot do band in this pandemic. Also pray that she will not get Covid-19, which has been in the school which is still open. Thank you for your prayers.

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