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More On "Husband's back", originally posted on 6/18/2019267
"My dear husband, who seldom has health issues, had a mole surgically removed 1 week ago today. The sutures did not take, and now he has an open wound on his back waiting for a skin graft. Home care will come to look after wound in the interim. Skin graft is scheduled and I am to leave on a mission trip shortly after. Please pray for healing hands, compassion for all. Also prayl that God will direct me in the right path to choose in regards to mission trip or staying home beside my husband."
Update posted on 7/21/2019: I am home from mission trip to Nicaragua. It was an amazing trip. So many lives were touched. God is so good all the time!!! My husband managed nicely while I was gone with home care. We see the doctor in 3 weeks as wound is healing and is less than half the original size. Blessings and thanks to everyone for the many prayers.

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