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Vision hazy from Vitreous Prolapse posted by Myrtle Macdonald on 10/11/2018
Since May 12, 2017 white haze always affects my left eye. Dec 7 for several hours it totally blocked vision in that eye. Next morning, retina specialist Dr. Hugh Parsons saw bleeding in the Vitreous. Dec 20, a B Scan (ultra sound) showed it due to a Vitreous tear near the 2003 cataract surgery. Four more scans show the bleeding has stopped. Vision is always fuzzy through the haze. March 6, 2018 my eye started twitching and/or aching for short periods. March, 27 he saw that the cataract lens is loose! Next appointment is in April 2019, quicker if pain or vision change. He said surgery could be dangerous. Maybe I should get tested for new glasses by the Optometrist who prescribed my glasses early in 2017. He was first to diagnose Prolapsed Vitreous, saying it might move to cover my pupil, and if so I should go to an ophthalmologist but that surgery or laser could do more harm than good. Please pray for wisdom, skill and healing.

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