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Pray 5411 9. More On "Prayers please", originally posted on 11/15/2019
I will be seeing a Neurologist next week for some health issues that I have been having. I would appreciate your prayers that God will enable this physician to figure out what is going on and thus be able to do something to eliminate the pain. Thank you.
Update posted on 1/5/2022: I have now developed phlebitis in my left leg and continue to have chronic pain. Thank you for your continued prayers.

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Pray 2097 10. More On "Rough times", originally posted on 5/27/2021
Some of my family members are going through a rough time right now. They need prayers to help them... (more)
Update posted on 1/5/2022: God has truly been answering our prayers. This family seems to be doing better. There are still problems and setbacks but not to the previous extent. The daughter has continued to go to youth group and seems to enjoy the church camaraderie. Your continued prayers for this young family would be greatly appreciated.

Pray 1438 11. More On "Cancer has returned", originally posted on 10/4/2021
My dear friend just found out her colon cancer has returned. Please pray for her family, friends,... (more)
Update posted on 1/5/2022: M found out Tuesday that her cancer is stage 3 and has moved out to the soft tissue with one lymph node involved. The doctor thinks that she should have chemo but the oncologist wants her to have a Pet Scan and more bloodwork before he decides whether she needs chemo. She now has to go back to the Cancer Center in February for those tests. She asks for our continued prayers and so appreciates all the prayers she has received.

Pray 2435 12. More On "Please pray for mental health and depression", originally posted on 3/19/2021
Please pray for a man that is depressed and just will not try to do anything but lie in his bed or... (more)
Update posted on 12/30/2021: Please pray for me to know what I should be doing to help this man. He says he wants no one in to help him, but I am considering talking (myself) to someone for advice. Help me to discern if the advice I get is what I should do. So many people have advice but is it right for him?

Pray 407 13. More On "RN/REV", originally posted on 11/14/2021
Pray, please, for quick understanding and 100% perfection in my Academic breakthrough .Pray also... (more)
Update posted on 12/30/2021: Amen. Prayers request answered. My two boys are coming around for good. Thank you much prayer team.

Pray 272 14. Thanksgiving posted on 12/27/2021
Praise Christ for answered prayer as my friend is recovering from stem cell transplant and my grandson is growing in wisdom and stature with God. Please pray for my family and all families in need of reconciliation around Covid vaccinations and political differences. Help us to love one another—and even our “enemies”—as Jesus has shown us. Amen.

Pray 263 15. Pray for a young man showing rage and for his family posted on 12/26/2021
Today I witnessed a situation and the people involved need our prayer. I do not know them or their names. The young man broke into a rage having learned that his cat had been hit on the country road. His partner, with a young baby in a car seat, seemed at a loss to help him. Another family member present was able to offer limited help. Please pray for comfort and peace in their home, and for lasting help for this young man to cope with emotions and changes that life brings each day. May God keep them safe and send people to cross their path who will show God's light and love.

Pray 412 16. More On "Covid be gone in every form!", originally posted by Ruth Baker on 12/9/2021
Lord you are needed by my grandson C. and his wife G. who have both tested positive for Covid-19!... (more)
Update posted on 12/13/2021: The babies also tested positive for Covid-19! C and G told my daughter they are all doing well! The baby is just over a week old! And the other daughter is soon to become two. Praise God for victory! In Jesus name. Amen

Pray 483 17. More On "Make easy transition!", originally posted by Ruth Baker on 11/7/2021
Lord, help my daughter and her husband get through all things necessary for them to make this new... (more)
Update posted on 12/13/2021: Praise you Lord for everything falling into place for my daughter son-in-law and their family! They are now living in their new home in Pennsylvania. I am greatful that they are close by now! In Jesus name continue to guide their lives. Place C at a job that will be best for their needs. In your name Jesus. Amen

Pray 1011 18. More On "Daughter needs prayers", originally posted on 10/28/2021
   My daughter "J" has reached the end of her rope. Her husband "J"... (more)
Update posted on 12/11/2021: Last night we had to rush to our daughter's side. She has now lost her job due to stress, her dog's death, her marriage due to her husband cheating on her. She figures that she will lose her home from lack of money, and worries how she will provide for her children. Now she has no more fight left in her and is beyond devastated. All that she has worked for over the past five years has been snatched away. She just wants everything to end and it is worrying me. Please God, help her for she has lost all hope. Signed a Mother who's heart is breaking for her. Amen.

Pray 1681 19. More On "COVID", originally posted on 6/10/2021
C has COVID-19 and is fighting for his life. Please offer prayer on behalf of “C”-2 and... (more)
Update posted on 12/3/2021: C is now home with his family. All praise to God for healing received. Thanks to all who have prayed for C over the past several months. God is good!

Pray 2497 20. More On "A young Presbyterian preacher with cancer", originally posted on 4/20/2021
Please pray for complete healing of a young woman who is a preacher, wife and mother of young... (more)
Update posted on 12/1/2021: Thank you all for your prayers up till now. MK will be having her chest reconstruction surgery December 2. Please continue to pray 1/that there will be no further cancer discovered, 2/and that the reconstruction surgery goes smoothly, 3/and that she recovers quickly and completely.

Pray 359 21. Prayer posted on 12/1/2021
Pray for healing for J.'s memory, and energy to be active and help her to take off her excess weight. Thank you for your prayers.

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