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Pray 1145 7. More On "A burden too heavy", originally posted on 4/18/2021
Please pray for those whose first response to extreme pain is addiction. I have a friend, Chris, in another city, who is a recovered addict, currently enduring knee replacement pain, alone, during lockdown. Now her constant, faithful companion dog has abdominal obstruction. She may end up grieving his loss. Her sons and family are doing what they can to help, but please pray for her in those quiet, dark times when she will be alone. I pray she will know God’s love surrounding her, although she does not profess faith in Him, may God heal her and sustain her. In Jesus name
Update posted on 9/17/2021: Many thanks for your continued prayers for my friend’s knee replacement and tendon repair surgery -the hospital situation in these covid times is very challenging and it was not a good experience due to understaffing and broken equipment, in fact the surgery was rushed and there were multiple medical complications afterwards, including blood loss and delayed help. She is home now, and the roof leaked on her bed after the rain! Things have settled and the surgery is now behind her. The pain and rehab ahead will be challenging so please join me in prayer that she will find the courage and strength to cope with it, and her family can find energy and time to sustain their support, that God, in his mercy, will heal her and allow her to breed dogs again (her heart felt hope!). In Jesus name

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Pray 273 8. More On "Son of good friend with Covid-19", originally posted by Jacquie Worley on 9/1/2021
BH is a recently married professor in Ohio who has always had serious, treatment-resistant... (more)
Update posted on 9/10/2021: Good news! The doctor found a supply of antibody infusion and Brian has received it. His symptoms currently are manageable. Thank you for all the prayers. Prayer works!!

Pray 724 9. More On "Daughter has needs", originally posted on 8/10/2021
Please pray for my daughter Molly. She has severe hypertension and also tachycardia. Her... (more)
Update posted on 9/10/2021: I want to send very grateful thanks to the 10 individuals who prayed for my ill daughter in the last 24 hours. It is comforting for us to know you have not forgotten Molly and her needs. Thank you for caring. Sincerely, Judy

Pray 961 10. More On "COVID", originally posted on 6/10/2021
C has COVID-19 and is fighting for his life. Please offer prayer on behalf of “C”-2 and... (more)
Update posted on 9/10/2021: The continued prayers for “C” are truly appreciated. “C” remains in hospital and will eventually need surgery to deal with some of the side effects of having Covid-19. Please pray for strength and patience for all the family and give thanks for the caring medical team.

Pray 1167 11. More On "OAD", originally posted by Orlanda Drebit on 5/25/2021
Please pray for the Y family and specifically for C-1 who is struggling with Covid. God, you are... (more)
Update posted on 9/10/2021: Dear Lord, it has been months for the Y family and C's condition remains about the same. God grant strength to this family. You are the great physician, may healing occur according to your will.

Pray 127 12. Battle against covid! posted by Ruth Baker on 9/9/2021
Father God, touch my grandson David who has tested positive with Covid-19 virus! May he heal quickly. Protect my daughter C and her husband C. They are David's parents and are highly compromised in health. May the Covid-19 pass them by and not effect them or the other family members. In Jesus name Father please bring an end to this disease. Amen

Pray 94 13. Welcome Lord of our lives posted by Ruth Baker on 9/9/2021
Father so many requests come in daily to this prayer line. I ask that you minister to each need as you see fit! Your wisdom and ability are above all, and you have the ability to answer every need no matter what it is. Heal the sick, deliver the oppressed and above all call those who do not know you to repentance. Grant wisdom and understanding of your word and will to those of us who are lacking! In Jesus name. Amen

Pray 116 14. Items for Thanksgiving posted by Ruth Burk on 9/8/2021
I have been asking for prayer for Dave, Linda, Rachel and Jon. I received this message from Linda today: Rachel now has a job starting next week on call at the YMCA daycare. On the whole Dave's headaches and fatigue are not as bad but there are still some difficulties. Later in the fall there may be opportunities for an outpatient group for Dave as well as an extra respite break for me. Thank you for your continued prayers for these 'family friends' of mine. Ruth

Pray 197 15. Healing from covid! posted by Ruth Baker on 9/3/2021
Prayer for a young man in Florida fighting for his life with covid!.He has been intubated and put into an induced coma! His family was given no hope for his survival! God is in charge and able to completely heal Brian and bring him back to his family! In Jesus name. Amen

Pray 215 16. Oldest Granddaughter is sick posted on 8/29/2021
My oldest granddaughter "D" who many will remember is in Mexico has now got COVID. There are no shots available in her area. A number of students contracted it from their teacher. Your prayers for a speedy and complete recovery are much needed. Please, God, heal Your child. Amen.

Pray 1402 17. More On "Please pray for mental health and depression", originally posted on 3/19/2021
Please pray for a man that is depressed and just will not try to do anything but lie in his bed or... (more)
Update posted on 8/24/2021: I want to thank you all for your prayers for D. He is still having a difficult time adjusting to things he can't do anymore and the depression is with him on some days to the point that he feels he is worthless now. Pray I will be able to convince him that he is still contributing to our life in an important way even with the setbacks he is experiencing. I am thankful for friends to assist me and would love to see him accept help from others as well. He is reluctant to see anyone and it is frustrating to know he most probably could be helped by those educated in this field. God Bless.

Pray 812 18. More On "The Pain is Intense!", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 7/10/2021
Please pray for me as I visit a rheumatologist on Monday. The pain is intense and is in many places... (more)
Update posted on 8/22/2021: Thank you for your prayers! It is so helpful to realize that people I may not even know are praying for me. The swelling has spread out and is now in my right wrist and left upper arm, as well as pain in my knees, which is somewhat recent. I did not realize how reluctant I am to take drugs until the rheumatologist suggested a couple to think about. Please pray that I will make the right decision about taking such. Thanks. Ruth

Pray 4472 19. More On "Prayers please", originally posted on 11/15/2019
I will be seeing a Neurologist next week for some health issues that I have been having. I would... (more)
Update posted on 8/21/2021: I saw the Neurologist and he was very thorough. He has changed medications and order a test and actually seemed concerned. I have noticed a slight decrease in pain with the new medication and am hopeful that as I increase the dosage as instructed I will see an even bigger improvement. God be blessed for this improvement and for all of you who have sent prayers for me. I am truly grateful.

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