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Pray 2046 18. More On "Please pray for mental health and depression", originally posted on 3/19/2021
Please pray for a man that is depressed and just will not try to do anything but lie in his bed or at least just stay in his room. He appears for meals and try as I might, he just will not go out even for a ride to refresh. I get him to stay up a little after dinner and listen to videos of music and he seems to enjoy that. I put music on all day on the radio and do not turn on the news. He wants no outside help and no vaccine. Pray for patience and help for me also to know how to help him. Thank you.
Update posted on 11/13/2021: Thanks be to God he is actually using the walker. He still takes a long time but at least he is trying. I just brought it home and told him it was a necessary item because it would help him with his balance and save having a broken hip. Small step but it certainly seems like a big one to me. Your prayers are much appreciated and are helping him. Thank you.

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Pray 242 19. Two Friends in Need of Healing posted on 11/9/2021
1/Please pray for a lady who has ovarian cancer. Please ask that the cancer goes into remission and that Jesus will heal her completely. 2/ Please pray for a man who struggles with alcohol addiction. Pray for him to move away from this addiction. In Jesus Name we Pray.

Pray 190 20. Weight loss posted on 11/7/2021
I need to lose weight. Please pray for me to find a good diet and be it, and stick to it. Thank you

Pray 180 21. Make easy transition! posted by Ruth Baker on 11/7/2021
Lord, help my daughter and her husband get through all things necessary for them to make this new journey in their lives. They need to close on the house in Florida that they are leaving, and close on the temperary house here in Pennsylvania. They need to pack and move their belongings and have safe travels by land and air. May all go smoothly in Jesus name

Pray 220 22. Anxiety and depression be defeated in Jesus name! posted by Ruth Baker on 11/7/2021
Lord God, my son O. is overpowered by anxiety and depression. He is frequently at the Emergency room believing he has a major medical condition that the doctors are not finding. He has had many tests, blood work, X-rays, etc and he still can not get himself past the anxiety and stress. He needs you Lord to help him get past this darkness in his life once and for all time. In Jesus name. Amen.

Pray 432 23. More On "Prayer for son", originally posted on 10/24/2021
My son is an alcoholic who has been to rehabilitation but always returns to drinking. Please pray... (more)
Update posted on 11/6/2021: Thanks to God for answering prayers. My son has entered rehab treatment for the 4th time. Pray that he buys into the programme and continues to follow the steps when he is released. He has some very challenging days ahead, Thanks for supporting him with your prayers and God bless.

Pray 222 24. More On "RN/REV", originally posted on 11/1/2021
Pray for total deliverance from the attack from a warlock and a witchcraft entity who is... (more)
Update posted on 11/5/2021: Thank you all. Psalm 133. May God also heal you. Bless you in the area of your needs In Jesus Name,

Pray 247 25. My Cousin Eleanor posted by Ruth Burk on 11/3/2021
I received a phone call today from my cousin Eleanor who told me that she has been diagnosed with brain cancer.. What A Shock!!! She will be 85 in February, but the surgeon that she saw did operate and removed as much of the tumor as he could. For this she is very grateful. Her husband has taken over doing a lot of the housework which is a big help for her. Please pray with me for Eleanor and her husband Cliff as well as her daughters, son and grandchildren, that the Lord will comfort them and they will know that He is with them through this troublesome time. Thanks. Ruth

Pray 214 26. Family needs prayer posted by Ruth Baker on 11/1/2021
Father, as you know the Frye family lost their dad to Covid. He was 72 years old and had a bad case of the disease for over a week! The family needs your peace during this time of grieving! In Jesus name may his passing bring many to salvation! Amen

Pray 221 27. Heal from covid posted by Ruth Baker on 11/1/2021
Father, my son's best friend Aaron in hospitalized with Covid! He is in his early 40's. My children have already lost a couple of friends to Covid! Please heal this young man for his wife and children's sake! Aaron does know the Christian faith! May this trauma bring him into a closer relationship with you! In Jesus name. Amen

Pray 646 28. More On "Orlanda", originally posted by Orlanda Drebit on 9/19/2021
Please pray for my neighbor 'A' and the whole family. He has a number of complicating and... (more)
Update posted on 10/30/2021: Sadly, A passed away yesterday. Please pray for strength for his family during the coming difficult days.

Pray 1333 29. More On "The Pain is Intense!", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 7/10/2021
Please pray for me as I visit a rheumatologist on Monday. The pain is intense and is in many places... (more)
Update posted on 10/22/2021: This past week has presented a new problem .. severe pain in my left Achilles tendon, which is the heel area. Walking is difficult, lying in bed is horrendous, so sleep has been lacking. Please pray for deliverance. Thank you! Ruth

Pray 548 30. More On "healing", originally posted on 9/16/2021
My mother has just been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Please pray that God will place His healing... (more)
Update posted on 10/16/2021: Yesterday, Mother saw the specialist who feels positive about treating the cancer. He will present her case to the intervention team in 2 weeks time. The medical procedure this team performs has a good outcome and hopefully will take place before the year end. Please keep praying that God's healing hand will be placed upon Mom.

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