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Pray 1088 11. More On "COVID", originally posted on 6/10/2021
C has COVID-19 and is fighting for his life. Please offer prayer on behalf of “C”-2 and his family.
Update posted on 10/16/2021: C is now in rehabilitation. Thanks be to God and all who have held C up in prayer.

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Pray 199 12. More On "Prayers for clear PET scan results", originally posted on 10/3/2021
Please pray that the PET scan results for my brother "A" will show he is clear of cancer.... (more)
Update posted on 10/7/2021: Thanks be to God and to everyone who offered prayers for my brother. His scan came back clear.

Pray 5899 13. More On "My son healing", originally posted on 6/20/2020
Pray for my son, Calvin, that he will come out of his depression.
Update posted on 10/6/2021: Things seem to be going well. He is much more pleasant and seems to be attending classes. However, the damage he has created in our home is still a constant wound. Please pray for healing in our household.

Pray 1370 14. More On "Rough times", originally posted on 5/27/2021
Some of my family members are going through a rough time right now. They need prayers to help them... (more)
Update posted on 10/5/2021: Things are still touch and go. There are good days but still too many bad days. Please ask God to help them focus on their blessings and to forgive and forget their pasts that have nothing to do with each other but is affecting their relationship. Please also ask God to help them to allow belief in God into their hearts and to help them become true believers.

Pray 4652 15. More On "Prayers please", originally posted on 11/15/2019
I will be seeing a Neurologist next week for some health issues that I have been having. I would... (more)
Update posted on 10/5/2021: I have been going to physical therapy and taking my new medication. Both seem to be helping. I still have pain but it hasn’t been as intense. I return to the Neurologist in a little over a month. Thank you all for your continued prayers. I feel truly blessed.

Pray 308 16. More On "Specific Prayer for Dave", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 9/16/2021
Thank you for your continued prayers for Dave. This week has been difficult for him with sometimes... (more)
Update posted on 10/5/2021: Thank you for your prayers. I would ask you to pray that I have wisdom when Dave has fatigue and headache difficulties. He is booked for overnight respite from Oct 13-20. May he adjust well to this. I am hoping to get away for a couple days during that time. Please also pray for continued improvement for my hip/back pain. In the ministry we have 2 new conversation partners in process, but other conversation partners needed for ongoing requests, especially ones who can teach an advanced English class and small French class (recent request). Our most recent English connection with internationals from China, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Japan and recently internationals from Ghana, India and Iran have requested some help to learn basic French. Thank you for your partnership in prayer. In Him we serve, Linda

Pray 168 17. Cancer has returned posted on 10/4/2021
My dear friend just found out her colon cancer has returned. Please pray for her family, friends, doctors and her. Please pray that her cancer will be eradicated totally this time and that she will be returned to health. Thank you.

Pray 1618 18. More On "Please pray for mental health and depression", originally posted on 3/19/2021
Please pray for a man that is depressed and just will not try to do anything but lie in his bed or... (more)
Update posted on 10/4/2021: Please continue to pray for D. He now has a great deal of trouble walking and it has increased his depression. Please pray that he will allow me to have some assistance for him. Pray that his mind will realize that he could be helped with all these problems he worries about if only he would accept it. I try to convince him they would help him right here at home especially with the current Covid situation but to no avail. Thank you for praying with me.

Pray 152 19. Kate K posted on 10/4/2021
Dear prayer warriors, please, pray for my aunt Jana who suffers from a mental disorder and is institutionalized. Her husband was very abusive, and she suffered an enormous number of traumas, including the loss of a child. She needs spiritual healing too. She doesn’t know the Lord Jesus. There are ties to Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses etc. I wish for her to know His peace. God bless you!

Pray 405 20. More On "Healing from covid!", originally posted by Ruth Baker on 9/3/2021
Prayer for a young man in Florida fighting for his life with covid!.He has been intubated and put... (more)
Update posted on 10/2/2021: Brian lost the battle. Pray for his family and loved ones grieving In Jesus name. Amen

Pray 294 21. More On "Brother-in-law", originally posted on 9/26/2021
I am asking once again for your prayers for my brother-in- law Brian. Although he has returned... (more)
Update posted on 10/1/2021: Thank you to all who are praying for Brian. X-rays show that he has a collapsed vertebrae and bone spurs. Please pray for pain relief and rapid healing. He is waiting to see a bone specialist.

Pray 1828 22. More On "A young Presbyterian preacher with cancer", originally posted on 4/20/2021
Please pray for complete healing of a young woman who is a preacher, wife and mother of young... (more)
Update posted on 9/30/2021: Prayer works!!!!! This young minister, wife and mother has been declared CANCER FREE! She will now have reconstructive surgery in December. Thank you all so much for your faithfulness in praying for this young woman.

Pray 1373 23. More On "OAD", originally posted by Orlanda Drebit on 5/25/2021
Please pray for the Y family and specifically for C-1 who is struggling with Covid. God, you are... (more)
Update posted on 9/29/2021: C's husband is looking for an institutional placement for her. This is so sad as she is so young. God, only you know how this will resolve. Continue to grant courage, strength, and badly needed hope to the family.

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