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More On "Update on "M"", originally posted on 6/14/2019213
"Please pray for M whose husband suffers from a mental condition. He refuses to take any medication because of bad reactions in the past. Out of the blue he will just explode saying awful things to his wife and making threats. Next day he acts as if nothing has happened and when she tries to talk about it he either ignores her or changes the subject. Father please grant that he will get help from a new doctor for his anger. Please strengthen his wife. In all areas may your name be praised and glorified. Amen. Update on 6/14/2019. Thank you for your prayers for M. The situation has improved but she is still waiting for the next blow up. May she find peace and completely rely on Your love Father. Help him to get control of his anger. To You be all praise and glory Amen"
Update posted on 7/7/2019: Update on M. Things seem to be better. Give thanks for the improvement in her physical condition. There is still a long road ahead of her and I pray that she will stay committed to the program. Please Father provide a job for her. To You be all praise and Glory. Amen

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