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More On "Update on Friend needs prayers", originally posted on 2/5/2019457
"Original request posted on 12/05/18 I just had an email from my friend "C" saying she has serious health issues but she has not said what they are. Please pray for her. Update on 02/08/19 The doctor put "C" on new pills for her heart issues but they caused an allergic reaction and she had to rushed by ambulance to the hospital. She's home again but now on Nitroglycerin. She told me that she felt like she's been thrown away by God. Lord God please let "C" know that you're always there for her along each path that she has to take. Give her courage, heal her and a give her a new outlook on life. Thank-you. Amen"
Update posted on 5/11/2019: "C" is going to a Hospital specializing in Heart issues on Monday. The Doctor has tried her on 4 different medications but she's had side effects from each of them. They will attempt different procedures and will stop her heart to get the rhythm back to normal. After she looses the weight they will be burning the damaged nerve endings which are causing the problems. She has been very upset, to say the least, and has reached out to me. Please pray for her. Amen.

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