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More On "Friend needs your prayers", originally posted on 12/5/2018:
"I just had an email from my friend "C" saying she has serious health issues but she has not said what they are. Please pray for her during this difficult time and especially during this blessed time of the year. May God heal her so she can enjoy good health and her Christmas. Amen."
Update posted on 1/10/2019: "C" confided in me and told me that she has been having problems with her heart. Before a surgery to remove her tonsils she had a bad throat infection and had to take high power antibiotics. She's only 54 years of age. However, the infection and pills seem to have damaged her heart. She's exhausted all the time and must stay at home most of the time. She can go no where unless someone is with her. Her Doctor has her wearing a Heart Monitor constantly. She very is upset as is her family. I don't want to loose my friend. Please pray for a complete and quick healing from God our Father.

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