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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada26
(Earth Day) Pray for the healing of the earth and for Presbyterian World Service and Development projects promoting environmental stewardship while helping communities become free from hunger and poverty.

Doctor Needed posted on 4/22/2019Be the first
My elderly parents are moving to a seniors' home in a community closer to family. The doctor we had lined up when they submitted their names to the home is no longer able to take them as patients. My parents have health challenges and need regular doctor appointments. Please pray we will find medical support for them.

More On "Young couple", originally posted on 4/15/2019104
"Please pray for a young, inexperienced couple who need to find a home, within 2 or 3 months. The..." (more)
Update posted on 4/21/2019: Thank you for each and every prayer, They are so very grateful to all of you. They have found a house that is priced right that they like, and are putting an offer in Monday. Please pray that if this is God’s will for them, that they will be able to successfully bid, and that God will guide their steps...

More On "Update", originally posted by Lori Ciccanti on 2/24/2019285
"The new chemo medication was making my husband ill so it was temporarily discontinued and he was..." (more)
Update posted on 4/21/2019: Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement. Lou was diagnosed with Cdiff colitis which is a serious life threatening disease. He is doing much better now, praise God, and may be home as early as Monday or Tuesday. Your prayers have helped him so many times. He is definitely a miracle! We wish you all a very blessed Easter. Your Sister in Christ, Lori

More On "Stage 4 Kidney Failure", originally posted by Kathy Nelson on 3/11/2019374
"Please Pray for my friend Job. He is in stage 4 kidney failure and needs a transplant. He need a..." (more)
Update posted on 4/20/2019: Please continue to pray for Job’s kidney function to improve and his diabetic ulcer to heal as he returns to the doctor on Tuesday. Most importantly, pray for his relationship with God to grow and for him to seek God's will for his life and that he feels God’s love and calming presence all the time.

More On "Prayers for continued healing after surgery", originally posted on 3/14/2019234
"Alex has had some troubles regulating his heart rhythm and blood pressure since coming home from..." (more)
Update posted on 4/18/2019: Alex's condition is improving. It's been 6 weeks since the surgery. They did give permission for him to drive. The physio is helping with his hand strength and dexterity. He is now able to eat with cutlery - but cannot yet cut up his own meat and vegetables. He still has numbness and tingling as well as pain in his arm and shoulder. It will take several months to see how well it will heal. Please pray for continued healing, patience and encouragement. Thank you for your faithful prayers. God hears them and Alex is encouraged.

Son posted on 4/16/2019101
My son’s father is again trying to create problems. We are going back to court again and I need to deal with all of this during one of the few uninterrupted times I have with our son. We would like to enjoy Easter together. I was hoping we were going to get a divorce but it looks like this is on the back burner again as he is trying to get custody amended. This is costing me in finances and stress. Please pray that this will be resolved quickly and fairly, and the Lord will give me a gracious heart and calm and heal my angry thoughts.

Jesus and job needed! posted by Ruth Baker on 4/15/201992
T. Is again jobless due to no public transportation to where he was working for his uncle. He has no car, and therefore had no way to continue with this job. He is now again looking for employment so he doesn't loose the apartment they recently moved into. They are a family of 4. His girlfriend works two jobs, but not enough hours to cover all their bills. They both need to surrender their lives to the Lord! All seemed to be going great for them for a very short time and now they are back to where they were a year ago. Struggling to make even their rent. In Jesus name, Father, I lift T. and H. in prayer that they will follow your Spirit's leading in their lives and surrender all to you. Please direct their lives to victory. Amen

Deliverance and salvation! posted by Ruth Baker on 4/15/201989
My Grand daughter A. in college, is having a constant problem with anxiety and depression! I suggested a Church app for her to download to her phone that has a five part teaching with scripture about depression, anxiety etc. May the Lord touch her heart and deliver her from these demonic forces that seem to attack her daily. May she surrender her life to God and experience His everlasting, unconditional love. May she be enveloped in God's peace through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, Amen

More On "Update re Gary McMullen", originally posted by Mary on 3/25/2019233
"Thank you so much for all the faithful prayers for my son Gary. The Humira he has been injecting..." (more)
Update posted on 4/15/2019: Update re Gary McMullen. Gary received both good news and bad news last week. A colonoscopy revealed that the Humira has cleared up the ulcerative colitis in his colon. Thus the bleeding that he has continued to experience is caused by something else. It is imperative that the cause be found and treatment begin soon. Please pray to that end. Thanks for all your faithful prayers and know that your prayer support is much appreciated. Mary

Friend posted on 4/12/2019121
My friend's daughter-in-law has brain cancer. She needs prayer for healing. Pray for the children and husband also..Thank you.

More On "More reasons for Praise and Prayer", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 3/11/2019364
"Thank you, Lord, that Dave was not hurt when he fell out of bed this morning. Thank you for the..." (more)
Update posted on 4/12/2019: A quick update re respite care: Linda has received a 3 hour break on Thursday afternoons for conversation group, coffee, errands; Dave has been booked in for 2 overnight stays this summer: June 3 to 6 and July 16-20; please continue to pray for acceptance into the day program and an overnight stay program nearer home. Thanks for praying. Ruth Thank you for your prayers. Linda

More On "Church Musicians", originally posted on 3/28/2019168
"Please pray for Presbyterian church musicians. They assist us in glorifying God! Thank you for..." (more)
Update posted on 4/10/2019: Praise God for our local church Musicians as they guide us towards Easter! Ben Honeyford is playing at the Bach Marathon on May 4, in Winnipeg. Pray for God to be glorified, and praise God!

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