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Burden Bearer

October 6, 2004

My mother was schizophrenic, and she suffered from that mental condition for 25 years. It was a torturous illness, and a terrifying experience for all of my family. I remember that most kids in our subdivision went off joyfully to … (read more)

Finding Rest

August 10, 2004

When I return from the grocery store, I always try to carry all the groceries into the house with as few trips as possible. Thus the heavy sacks weigh down upon my shoulder muscles, and cause my arms, shoulders, and … (read more)

Trying Too Hard

July 9, 2004

I have come to the conclusion that in some ways I try too hard to "do". I was reading an article that made a lot of sense to me. It referred to the time when God reconciled us to Himself, … (read more)

The Bench At The Top Of The Stairs

October 26, 2003

Except for two short culvert tunnels, our regular walking route was completely out in the open and on paved pathways, and was really pretty routine. Having hotter weather forced us to take a unique and more rigorous route, which leads … (read more)

A Very Gentle Answer

August 23, 2003

Recently my grandchildren came to spend a few days with me. They had a wonderful time splashing and playing most of a day in a new pool that had been set up just for them. My grandson, aged seven, wanted … (read more)

Jesus Promises To Be There

March 21, 2003

My wife and I just stood there and watched, as our son and new daughter-in-law walked through security at the Jacksonville, Florida, airport. The night before, all the planning for the wedding had worked, and it was beautiful. I wished … (read more)

Looking For Signs

February 28, 2003

Several weeks ago, I had tentatively agreed to go on a mission trip to Honduras. As is often the case in such situations, after having made the commitment, I was assailed with second thoughts: "Since we have just moved, would … (read more)

Reflection On A Snowy Day

December 26, 2002

It is an ordinary afternoon and a time to rest after the busy Christmas season. I sit by a window looking outside at snowflakes gently falling from the gray sky as they make their way to earth, whirling and dancing … (read more)


November 2, 2002

For many of us, today's world is full of burdens — too little time, too little money, too many demands, and too much work. We live frazzled lives and feel burdened down. As Christians, we often say, "I feel a … (read more)

Swimming Lessons

October 22, 2002

I knew a little girl who liked frogs better than anything. When she tried to swim, she was sure that frog-like flailing would keep her from sinking to the bottom. It may work for frogs, but it was not helpful … (read more)

Look To God's Word

August 8, 2002

We all face struggles in our daily lives. As I was watching my mother go through one recently, I asked God to give her something she could lean on. The following verses are what He gave to her. These scriptures … (read more)

Singing Through The Pain

June 17, 2002

Have you ever wanted to bring comfort to someone you cared about, yet after listening to his or her situation, you were left with a feeling of helplessness? Recently that happened to me. The phone call was so upsetting. As … (read more)

Why Believe?

May 11, 2002

In reading further through the book of Second Chronicles, one sees how this promise was fulfilled repeatedly throughout the long succession of Judah's kings. God blessed those who sought his face, but abandoned those who fell to the worship of … (read more)

Holding On

April 24, 2002

While we were out on a boat, crossing a part of the Gulf of Mexico, we experienced choppy, wind-blown waters. I noted that everywhere there were rails to reach out to, in order to maintain my balance, and remain steadfast … (read more)

Excess Baggage

April 4, 2002

We're in the process of moving, after living in the same house for the past 31 years. I can't believe how much we've accumulated over the years! I'm trying to sort through things as I pack, and not keep anything … (read more)

The Overcomer

September 22, 2001

Tammi, our Sheltie, was already two when she joined our family. Having previously lived in a kennel, she was also incredibly shy. She was so timid, in fact, that she would literally climb up the back of my legs and … (read more)


August 1, 2001

Recently a friend forwarded an e-mail message containing two photos of a funnel cloud and a tree that had been blown down. One photo was in its normal, upright position; the other had been rotated to its side. … (read more)


June 30, 2001

Pepper came to us at the age of 16 weeks from the local pound. He was due to be euthanized the afternoon of the day my husband asked me (in the morning) to see about locating a watchdog for our … (read more)

Hope For Winter Days

January 22, 2001

Last year in mid-February, the family across the street still had their Christmas lights up, and lit. Another half-dozen neighbours down the block did so too. This year again, long into January, lights in many parts of the city are … (read more)

Carrying A Backpack

November 4, 2000

Recently I did some backpacking. I used to do a lot of hiking when I was younger, but it had been quite a few years since I had put a backpack on. When I got out on the trail and … (read more)


June 18, 2000

I have been struggling with a condition called otosclerosis for the past five years. Slowly I have been losing my hearing as the bones in my middle ear become fixed in place and unable to vibrate. I've recently had surgery … (read more)

Where Is God Today?

April 27, 2000

One day recently, I was reading the prayer requests on the Daily, when one in particular caught my attention. It started: Where is God today? — I am really struggling with several big problems in my life. I keep praying, … (read more)

Carrying Heavy Burdens

January 15, 2000

I remember once, when I was about 11 or 12 years old, carrying a long aluminum extension ladder with my father. We had to walk quite a distance, and while aluminum is a lightweight metal, everything is relative. That ladder … (read more)

Opening The Gate

January 3, 2000

At my place of employment, we must have a fence around our site for security reasons. There is a gate that is about ten feet wide, where a person can enter in their vehicle. The motor that was opening this … (read more)

The Rest of Work

December 3, 1999

Each spring and fall, I help teach the Scoutmaster's Fundamentals course in our local Scout District. The course involves a Saturday indoor session and a weekend campout. A fair amount of effort is required before the actual sessions to make … (read more)

Bitter Root

June 5, 1999

I watched her as she lay there in her hospital bed, angry and bitter over her misfortunes. Surely the Lord simply wanted to hold her in His arms of love and carry her home, but I could see that she … (read more)

An Oasis Of Peace

February 23, 1999

In June 1986, my husband and I lost our jobs on the same day. A few weeks later, a Christian girlfriend took me to a weekend retreat in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. There, on a hill overlooking the Fraser Valley, … (read more)

Thanks For Leadin' Me Over

January 16, 1999

A friend I'd not seen in quite some time was at a meeting the other night. If her husband were to fetch her, she would have to leave early and miss half the meeting, so I offered her a ride … (read more)

The Power Of Pain

August 18, 1998

A story is told about a rabbi [a teacher], and one of his students. One day the student comes up to him and says, "Teacher, I love you." "Do you know what hurts me?" "No," says the young man, "I … (read more)

Lean On Him

January 24, 1997

He took His cross as best he could (cross-bearing was so new to him) How could He tell the torturous load of rough hewn wood on that rutted road where He was led, would saw His shoulder till it bled; … (read more)

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