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A Canadian Gold Medal First

February 16, 2010

Canadians rejoiced exceedingly on Sunday night when Alexandre Bilodeau became the first Canadian to win an Olympic gold medal on Canadian soil. It is amazing the dedication that athletes display over a period of four years (or a lifetime) to … (read more)

Where Are The Keys?

October 19, 2008

There is nothing more frustrating than searching hopelessly for the lost: keys, pen, passport, ticket — you name it, it is lost — again. I know this is an age-related thing. To counterbalance the lost with the found, we leave … (read more)

The Lost Is Found!

September 25, 2008

On July 26, 2008, the Daily Devotional was written by Judy Miller, who titled it, " Looking! Hunting! Searching! " She spoke of searching everywhere for a lost item and then finding it when a light was turned on. Her … (read more)

The Coin

February 21, 2008

Recently, I was in a supermarket, buying a few trifles, for which I would pay with the few two-pound coins that were in my wallet. The checkout assistant drew my attention to one of the two-pound coins and said that … (read more)

A Short Road Home

November 24, 2007

When I was a child and we would go about seven or eight miles to visit some friends, I thought it took forever to arrive at their home. We travelled via a country gravel road, so my dad never drove … (read more)

Prodigal Pig

April 30, 2005

As a boy, I worked summers on my aunt and uncle's pig farm. Every week, I pumped out the sewage pit running the length of the pig barn with the "honey wagon". One particular day, I backed up to the … (read more)

The Lost Token

April 4, 2005

I'm always amazed how God can take a seeming disaster and make it work out for the good, with a much better outcome than could have been imagined. Here's my "lost coin" story with a twist. From the beginning in … (read more)

The Prodigal

January 26, 2004

Have you ever accidentally overheard part of a conversation or one side of a telephone call that has stayed in your mind for months afterward? This happened to me when we were travelling in the Yukon in the spring … (read more)

Our Daily Bread

October 5, 2003

Over the past several years, I have enjoyed reading books about plants of the Bible. There are so many interesting stories about biblical plants, but often there are many controversies, as well, regarding the exact plant referred to in a … (read more)


September 5, 2003

Before I went in to work the other day, I went for a walk up on top of the Cotswolds, near where I live. Being un-predisposed to walking up the hill in the first place, I drove to the car … (read more)


May 2, 2003

On my key ring, apart from my keys, I have a large penknife with assorted blades, screwdrivers, an adjustable spanner, a torch, a pair of travel scissors, a pen, and another smaller penknife, which is also a pair of pliers. … (read more)

Going After Lost Sheep

February 18, 2003

When we retired and moved to the Muskoka area, we were without the benefit of feeling that we belonged to a church community. We were in need of a flock with which to unite in a spiritual sense. There were … (read more)

The Trip Of A Lifetime!

August 15, 2002

Our 50+ group just went on a bus trip to the Hamilton Botanical Gardens. Here is part of their newsletter. Quick! Don't waste another minute. Turn fifty as soon as you can. Retire! At least, take the day off. You … (read more)

Ice Dogs

June 12, 2002

I have just finished watching a documentary on television called "Ice Dogs", where an Englishman, Benedict Allen, learned to steer a sledge with a pack of huskies. I was transfixed by his willingness to risk his own life, as well … (read more)

Drifting Away From God

May 4, 2001

I love going outside on a clear night and looking through my telescope at the beautiful planets, and out beyond into the endless creation that our wonderful Creator has designed. Knowing that the things we can view through telescopes and … (read more)

Never Lost And Always Loved

February 10, 2001

Very often when I contribute a devotional, I use something from my personal experiences. This time, I would like to share something in a little different way, something that touched my heart, and, in that way, it is personal. It … (read more)

Lost In The Crowd

February 9, 2001

When I have read about missing children, I have always wondered how it could happen. Then I was faced with a possible answer. Our family had gone to a mall for an antique show, and the mall was pretty crowded. … (read more)

Joey Been

January 25, 2001

Joey Been was a wanderer, hence his name: he'd been everywhere! Thus when our cat did not come home one day, we were not overly concerned. By the third day, I began actively to call him. After a week, the … (read more)

Let's Celebrate

September 17, 2000

My wife and I love Mexican food, and one of the local restaurants routinely places discount coupons in the newspaper. Out of habit, I keep one of these coupons in my car, just in case the sudden urge to "eat … (read more)

Wanderer Come Home

February 27, 2000

We had the pleasure of having tea with friends one Saturday. I had noticed within the last two years that the husband seemed to be happier, more mellow, than he used to be. I always wondered what had happened to … (read more)

Let's Go, Team!

February 18, 2000

Over the past few weeks I have really been convicted about the attitudes of many Christians today. This conviction has been the result of various sporting events that have taken place. (I apologize to those of you who may not … (read more)

A Baseball Parable

November 2, 1999

October 13, 1960, Forbes Field, Pittsburgh — the Pirates won the World Series, beating the New York Yankees on Bill Mazeroski's bottom-of-the-ninth home run. I remember watching it the year I was 13. We saw it on a small television … (read more)

Only A Shepherd Could Ever Know

May 23, 1997

Even raised the modern way, sheep seem to be an awfully messy, labour-intensive bother, and I can't imagine why anyone would choose to raise them as an occupation. Indeed, shepherds themselves are at a loss to explain their calling: Now … (read more)

Lost And Found

March 24, 1997

A chapel, built on an island on the coast of Georgia during the nineteenth century, finally fell into disuse as a place of worship, and was closed. Recently it was restored and services were begun again. While the building was … (read more)

Lost And Found

September 26, 1996

I left the scarf on the Aberdeen to Glasgow intercity train. I was annoyed, it had sentimental value. A few weeks later I called at the Lost and Found Office in Glasgow, and then in Aberdeen. It wasn't there. I … (read more)

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