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Reusable Shopping Bags

July 14, 2008

On a recent trip to the grocery store, I was annoyed with the cashier who was putting too many items into each bag. She indicated that the store was saving bags. I was annoyed enough to stop shopping there for … (read more)

Choose Life

June 26, 2008

Without giving away my age, I was thinking back to the times when we would venture up north for the summer holidays. I can remember walking along the sandy shore of the crystal clear lake and watching the fish in … (read more)


June 1, 2008

As I write, the birds in the nearby trees are singing their hearts out. Every evening as the sun is setting, they serenade the residents of our mobile home park, regaling us with their lilting music. It is springtime, which … (read more)

Our Existing Home

March 9, 2008

By an unexpected incident, I ended up visiting in a well-kept and stylish retirement home. Standing at the nicely-carved front entrance, I waited to be let in. The plush carpets, leather chairs, sofas, and mahogany furniture were many grades up … (read more)

Travelling In The Dark

January 31, 2008

Our business often takes us on the road. Usually, we take the time to plan our route and our calls for that particular day or days. If business requires us to stay away for a night, we always try to … (read more)

Shimmering Reflections

November 12, 2007

Recently, after spending a day with our boys, we were sitting and talking with them, when my husband noticed the sunlight reflecting off the water onto the trees, and he pointed it out to us. When we focussed our eyes … (read more)

Autumn Splendour

September 4, 2006

We had had almost an entire week of dreary, wet, autumn weather. The landscape was washed in shades of grays and browns. Nothing stood out against the dull sky as I passed empty, earthy fields on my way to choir … (read more)

Green And Green And Green

October 1, 2005

October is here again, and riotous colours pour across the Ontario landscape. The trees are sporting every variety of red, auburn, gold, and green. These, of course, are the expected shades of fall in these parts. Around the corner from … (read more)

The Creator, The Created, And Creation

August 26, 2004

I have long been a student of nature and creation. I always enjoy the vastness of space with its innumerable stars flung in the heavens for us to watch. I love to observe the smallest creatures that live just beneath … (read more)

Where's Your Little Dog?

July 3, 2004

Like so many others, after having had the experience of loving and losing two dogs to death through injury and old age, I'd vowed "never" to get another one. But after our second daughter went to university, I considered getting … (read more)

Thank God For The Birds

March 21, 2004

There's a parable about a man, who, as the ground around him was flooding, continued to call on God for help. The problem was that he was expecting God Himself to reach out His hand and grasp him to safety. … (read more)

Looking At Family Photos

August 11, 2003

Lately I've assigned myself the gigantic task of sorting through my lifetime collection of pictures, in order to pare down the collection to a reasonable size. The volumes were neatly stacked along one shelf in a large closet, and when … (read more)

Just Like You!

July 17, 2003

With the arrival of summer, thoughts and plans turn towards camp for thousands of youngsters and their parents. Such was the topic on a recent talk show: how to find the perfect camp for your kids, how to handle homesickness, … (read more)

It Was Very Good

April 12, 2003

As a student of international law here in the Netherlands, I have some days that are less busy than others, with free hours to work and earn some cash. One job I particularly like is cleaning a busy lawyer's house. … (read more)

The Pull Chain

January 20, 2003

When our granddaughter came to our home as an infant, we held her and marvelled at her tiny features. As she grew, she began to crawl. She would crawl right to the edge of the staircase, giving us all heart … (read more)

Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder

January 11, 2003

In the area of western Canada where I live, we have a bird called the Black-billed Magpie. The Latin name is Pica pica. This bird is a scourge to the ranchers because it often sits on the backs of cattle … (read more)


October 14, 2002

Being without my Bible one evening, I didn't remember just where I had left off in my readings. Using a friend's Bible, I opened to Genesis to find a new meaning in an often-read scripture. That evening, the word that … (read more)

Premature Intervention

September 9, 2000

Last summer I taught at our annual Vacation Bible School at church. One day while playing recreational games on the church lawn, one of our children stumbled across a nest of wild bunnies in a hole. The children, as well … (read more)

Today's Technology – God's Creation

July 8, 1999

Think with me for a moment about today's scriptures, and today's technology. How we have advanced over the past few years! Earlier this year, we were planning to go to Jerusalem, and I had the opportunity to use a digital … (read more)

Don't Go Out Of Your Way

June 2, 1999

An out-of-town friend phoned to say she wouldn't be able to accompany us on our regular walk as she was without a car. Upon offering to come and get her, she replied "Oh no, I live too far out, I … (read more)

Drive Slowly, Meadowlarks Singing

January 10, 1999

As we were "buzzing" down an old highway on a weekend trip to the States last spring, we came upon a farmer's field that contained the following message, each word on its own sign and set in succession in a … (read more)

Would You Like A "Walkman"?

April 23, 1998

Often I see people wearing a "walkman" while walking. I don't know what they are listening to, perhaps it is soft, soothing music. Maybe some are doing lessons. Still others may be learning a foreign language. My daughter gave me … (read more)

The Gully

February 9, 1998

Behind our home runs a gully. It begins by a little Anglican church nearby and ends up down on the beach close to where the ferry docks. It is a nature lover's path in paradise. A group of inmates from … (read more)

Faces (1)

December 1, 1997

There you have it, plain as anything. We bear the image of our Father-Creator. He means us to bear his likeness during our time on earth. Would anyone notice? Take our faces for example. Consider the influence we wield just … (read more)

God Makes His Sun Rise

October 16, 1997

Of all the forces of nature the sun is perhaps the one that affects us most obviously and directly. So great is our dependence on its light and warmth that from the earliest times many have worshipped the sun as … (read more)

Free To Choose

February 24, 1997

God had only given Adam one commandment, not ten, to keep. Adam failed at that one. God had merely commanded, "You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of … (read more)

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