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Face To Face

February 10, 2004

"You'll know me by the picture on my book," she wrote. I know a little more than that about Anne Russell. By reading her book and her regular submissions to this page, I have learned some things about her faith, … (read more)

Five Paradoxes Of The Incarnation

December 26, 2003

Prayer: Marvellous Father and gracious God, thank You for these five paradoxes of Jesus' incarnation. May our hearts be filled with joy this Christmas as we meditate upon them. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen. … (read more)

Excess Baggage

April 4, 2002

We're in the process of moving, after living in the same house for the past 31 years. I can't believe how much we've accumulated over the years! I'm trying to sort through things as I pack, and not keep anything … (read more)

The Advent Wreath

December 2, 2001

In the last ten to fifteen years the growing commercialism of Christmas has brought back an ancient custom we now see in our homes and churches during the celebration season. This custom is of lighting candles to give us a … (read more)

Are We Stretched Shapes Or Spirit-Filled?

April 11, 2001

I had a milestone birthday recently and a bunch of brightly coloured balloons was delivered to mark the occasion. I kept them around to amuse my grandson, who enjoyed leaping up to try to catch them. Even after three weeks, … (read more)

The Rocky Road: Forward Or Backward?

November 28, 1997

A few thoughts on the rocky road of getting along with people. Disagreement and conflicts are inevitable. With the present emphasis on individuality, being assertive, and standing one's ground ("I ain't takin' no guff from nobody!"), it is becoming more … (read more)

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