• MD says:

    Reading and reflecting on these well-written daily devotionals have helped me greatly to find peace and comfort.I truly feel that God speaks through all the gifted writers. God bless the Presbycan team, authors and community of readers.I am also so grateful for the PrayerLine. May God continue to bless this beautiful place!

  • J. Campbell says:

    Thanks for the morning devotionals. They are the first thing I read each day. I appreciate the thoughts and Scriptures that are shared. I am so thankful for all of you.

  • Darl Reeves says:

    Well done and many, many thanks to the team! A great way to start the day, immersed in God’s Word, setting the stage to live His Word throughout the day!

  • Jack Vallance says:

    The devotionals (thank God for all who contribute) are enhanced by PrayerLine and are a very fitting start to each day.

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