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Heaven Doesn't Need A Fax Machine

July 26, 1999

On the advice of my Internet provider, I decided to upgrade my modem. I surfed to the manufacturer's web page, downloaded a programme, unzipped it and ran it. Assuming success, I restarted the computer and tried to access the modem. … (read more)

Time Management

January 3, 1999

Over nine months our family watched cancer creep through my mother's body, defying all treatments. Mom tried to be strong for us. She fought against the disease because we wanted her to live. One day just before she died my … (read more)

One Day At A Time

May 22, 1998

On January 1, 1998, I made a New Year's resolution. Normally I try to avoid resolutions because I believe they set me up for failure. It's so hard to start new things in the dark cold winter. Yet, each year … (read more)

Miracles Still Happen

March 26, 1998

Every week a small group of people meet at our church to pray. Last week I went for the first time and I asked them to pray for my grandmother. She is 92 years old and was hospitalized with terrible … (read more)


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