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The Staff

August 28, 2007

From last September until the beginning of summer, I participated in an exercise group, in an effort to improve my physical fitness. Along with the usual cardio-, flexibility, and strengthening exercises, in each class we did balancing routines. Some of … (read more)

The Call

August 18, 2007

For the last ten years or so, I have organized the annual street sale in our neighbourhood: setting the date, notifying the residents, and placing the ad in the paper. In my notice to the residents, there is a comment … (read more)

A Friend Indeed

August 5, 2007

Recently, our daughter set up her first apartment, three hours from home. Thinking a furry friend would be good company for her, she headed to the SPCA and brought home a four-week-old kitten rescued from a dumpster. She fought valiantly … (read more)


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