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The Rainbow Trout

April 30, 2002

Have you ever been fishing? I grew up in Maryland and Florida, so I used to go fishing all the time. I love fishing, especially since I caught the most fish. When you catch trout, the minute you pull them … (read more)

Catching God's Fish

April 15, 2002

God has been giving me this analogy lately because the following situation exists in my life. When Christians go fishing after their families and friends who have rejected them and Jesus time and time again, it becomes unproductive. The Christians … (read more)

Angel Alley And Miracle Road

February 28, 2002

A few weeks ago I had a marvellous "mountain-top" experience that I would like to share with you for your encouragement. I was discouraged and I prayed, "God, please encourage me and send me a sign. I need it." So … (read more)

The Potatoes

August 18, 2001

Some years ago I was cleaning out a drawer of pots and pans. I got everything organized and straightened out, and the drawer had room to hold more without spilling over. I thought to myself, "Now I can even put … (read more)

Mulchin' The Plants

August 8, 2001

One day recently as I was out watering the plants, I noticed that our pine tree had dropped plenty of needles in the street. I decided to clean them up so the entire yard would look nice. As I was … (read more)

Cleaning Mr. Turtle's Pond

July 18, 2001

A couple of weeks back, after the church service, there were some young people who wanted to come to my home to see my animals and yard before the next service at 6:00 p.m. I gladly said yes, as I … (read more)

Mr. Turtle Comes Back!

June 13, 2001

I love the garden in my backyard. It is very inspirational to me. I have a large slope full of night-blooming jasmine that smells heavenly! There are sunflowers, tulips, irises, fruit trees, lots of hummingbirds, huge butterflies as big as … (read more)

Just An Insight…

October 25, 1999

God gave me an interesting insight the other day. Sometimes we have a "big" project, event, or episode in our lives which we spend hundreds of hours getting ready for. It is almost a daily "high" getting ready for and … (read more)


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