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Asking In Faith

March 19, 2002

Recently I went on a camping trip to a local State Park. After arriving at my campsite and getting set up, I settled down to a warm fire, and got ready to toast some marshmallows. Looking up at one of … (read more)

The Object Of Our Faith

March 7, 2002

The other day, my VCR broke down, and one of my friends came to me and said, "If you let me take that with me, I know someone who can fix it!" My faith in this man's ability to fix … (read more)

Taking Your Spiritual Temperature

December 29, 2001

As we continue the daily journey of our Christian life, it's important for us to take our spiritual temperature. How hungry are we to walk with Jesus? How excited are we about where we are in our walk with God? … (read more)

Walking Blindfolded

September 26, 2001

I had the chance recently, while on a mission trip, to take a trust walk. A trust walk involves getting together with another person for a walk through the woods. The only difference is that one of the walkers is … (read more)

The Fire Of Your Heart Is The Light Of Your Path

March 22, 2001

Want to know God's will for your life? Then answer this question: "What ignites your heart?" Forgotten orphans? Untouched nations? The inner city? Lost friends at school? Heed the fire within! Do you have a passion to sing? — Then … (read more)

Are You A Risk Taker?

March 17, 2001

Risk taking is taking on something that causes fear and has the possibility of failure. Life holds more excitement and satisfaction when we're willing to expand our comfort zones, try new things, and dare to achieve our dreams. We say … (read more)

God Time Or Me Time?

October 14, 2000

In our hurry-up man-centred, man-dependent world that measures success by activity, making big bucks, or how much one accomplishes, finding time to hide oneself alone with God for steady spiritual growth is a lost priority. It is viewed by many … (read more)

Run And Not Be Weary

August 1, 2000

[Editor's note: Today's author hails from New Brunswick, Canada, but is spending the summer in the USA as a student youth pastor. – JTH] I was watching one of the teens from my youth group run at the first state … (read more)

I Can't Do That

June 28, 2000

Alex was trying to learn a new Bible verse. It wasn't an easy one to learn, so Alex gave up. "I can't do it," he said. "You cannot or you will not?" Grandpa asked. "What's the difference?" Alex asked. "Tell … (read more)


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