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Shoebox Cantata

December 10, 2015

"I have a present for you," Izzie called out from the living room of our country home. And on most occasions, I just call out and say, "I will be right there." However, this time, my auntie antenna was up, for I had had a shoebox with a …( read more )

The Scent Of Christmas

December 4, 2014

It started with a tiny hand — a hand outstretched and holding a miniature bar of goat milk soap. Of all the different fragrances offered on the vendor's autumn display table that sales day, my petite, five-year-old niece, Izzie, was …( read more )

Just Four Notes

December 2, 2013

"Can you believe it!" was my immediate response as I reached for the volume control on the car radio. Release and joy started to flood my being as I drove through the streets of Greenville, South Carolina, USA, on this early fall morning. …( read more )


December 18, 2012

For so long, it was just a simple adornment, something I pinned on my chest in an effort to appear festive at Christmastime. Who knew — who knew that the precious gift from a loved one would soften another's heart with the message of …( read more )

Abba Father

July 11, 2011

Never, ever have these eyes witnessed such an awesome example of childlikeness — the state of being that Jesus spoke of in today's Scripture. I ask myself how something so powerful, so beautiful, could come through such a small child. … (read more)

Do You Feel What I Feel?

December 1, 2010

Even as early as a month or more beforehand, the throbbing has already begun! The very air has begun to feel charged with excitement and joy, for Christmas is on its way. The approaching celebration of the birth of baby … (read more)

Night Light For Izzie

August 10, 2010

Her name is Izzie, and since she is the family's youngest, we all delight in having her with us. Last Friday evening, we took Izzie out to dine and to experience the pastry market, where she toddled the aisles with … (read more)


May 23, 2009

"Are you sure?" I asked my grandson as his hand reached out to choose. We were purchasing a nine-inch toy plane called an Air Hog. Grandson had his heart set on flying the small plane at the ballpark in his … (read more)

Christmas Sam

December 25, 2007

I call him Christmas Sam because he doesn't just enter a room, rather, he bursts in with his face radiant, as bright as a night star, and with legs that wobble a wee bit like Tiny Tim's. If he should … (read more)


October 17, 2007

They were just questions, the kind that pour out after much exasperation — questions like, "God, have I done nothing right or good?" — the kind of questions that lead to asking the ultimate, "God, am I just a waste … (read more)

Tender Mercies

July 17, 2007

One morning as the sun began to light the skies over South Carolina, USA, I heard the chirping of several birds. This seemed odd, as it was a rather cool morning. Wanting to muffle their song and snuggle in bed … (read more)

A Very Gentle Answer

August 23, 2003

Recently my grandchildren came to spend a few days with me. They had a wonderful time splashing and playing most of a day in a new pool that had been set up just for them. My grandson, aged seven, wanted … (read more)


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