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Support Ropes

Tuesday, July 15, 1997

Here I am, on a bright sunny July morning, sitting on the backyard deck overlooking a treed grassy park. During the night someone has cut one of the support ropes on my hammock and left it fallen on the ground. … Read more

Really Living On Purpose

Tuesday, May 27, 1997

How do we put our religious beliefs into everyday living? How do we practice what we preach? Part of an answer may be found in two paraphrases from the book, How, Then, Shall We Live?, by Wayne Muller. The heart … Read more

Faith Examination

Tuesday, May 6, 1997

In her book, Look Better, Feel Better, Bess M. Mensendieck, M.D., tells how, in ten minutes a day, to achieve a youthful body and increased vitality – without tiring exercises! To most people their own body is a stranger to … Read more

You Know The Answer

Friday, January 17, 1997

Sometimes we are asked questions and we know that there is no adequate reply to be made because the questioner already has all the required information to intuitively have the answer. My wife asks me, "Do you love me?" My … Read more

What Blessings?

Sunday, January 12, 1997

When I feel low because of life situations, or the coffee cup is empty, or the grandchildren are such children, and the pension cheque doesn't stretch to meet all my wants… and when my memory recalls words like, Blessed are … Read more

I Saw God Today

Thursday, December 5, 1996

I awoke this morning, saw that it was light, rolled over and enjoyed the warmth of the bed. I didn't need to get up, retired you know. When I was ready, went to the washroom and toned myself down… I'm … Read more

Where Do We See God?

Sunday, October 20, 1996

We see God in nature and in people. In the sunrise and in a friendly smile. To see God we need to make a choice and have a correct attitude. We choose to see God daily when we follow a … Read more

Blessed Assurance

Thursday, October 3, 1996

A friend has died of cancer and his wife talks of taking her life. A young girl has been sexually molested. Should I forgive her molester? My enemies are in my mind. The enemy is feelings of despair and thoughts … Read more


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