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Responding To Love

August 13, 2006

I visited Mary at the women's shelter several times, but she was still very passive and withdrawn. She rarely looked me in the eye and never appeared happy to see me. Many people had hurt and disappointed her, so it … (read more)

Encouraging Others In Their Faith

August 6, 2006

I felt strongly led to visit Kathy on our way to Oregon. She was the youngest daughter of my friend Lillian, who had lived across the street from me. I had watched Lillian's eight other children grow up and had … (read more)

Struggles In The Night

July 2, 2006

One recent Saturday night, a month after my hip replacement, I was filled with praise to God, even after going to bed. For two hours, I couldn't sleep as I thought about all the good things God had done for … (read more)

In The Dark Times

July 12, 2002

We have all had times when we experienced the nearness and greatness of God. He is always near us, drawing us closer to Himself. I recall the time when I was on board ship, going to Singapore for language study … (read more)

God Will Take Care Of You

April 1, 2001

One spring morning as the term at Bible College was ending, I was feeling apprehensive about the summer because I didn't know what God wanted me to do. I needed to find a way to earn some money so I … (read more)

The Greatest Sacrifice

February 28, 2001

"I will go, Father," said the Son. "The cost will be great," the Father replied. "You must give your life…" "It will be worth it to redeem those we love who are imprisoned by the enemy. There is no other … (read more)

Turkeys From Heaven

November 23, 2000

Thanksgiving Day 1961, my fourth year in Laos, drew near. My three partners and I were used to eating rice three times a day at our remote outstation. Usually we had fish or pork with our rice, occasionally chicken. I … (read more)

Bearing Fruit For Christ

October 20, 2000

My sister planted a "thornless" blackberry bush, which eventually had many thorns but no fruit. After about a year, she dug it up completely and put it at the back of the yard. There it grew back with a fury … (read more)

Trust God's Word

June 17, 2000

Early in May, we were expecting my sister and her husband to visit us. We had corresponded about the visit several times. She had told us their flight number and when they would be arriving. But Tuesday afternoon just before … (read more)

Troubles And Trials

April 14, 2000

When trouble comes into our lives, we tend to ask God, "Why me, Lord? What have I done to deserve this?" God is not punishing us for something we've done. Some of the godliest people have endured troubles that would … (read more)

The Best Protection

April 3, 2000

As we hear about the temptations and pressures that young people face these days, we wonder how we can protect them from yielding to the evil around them. Of course, we should teach our children to fear God and honour … (read more)

The Peace Pact God Has Provided

January 20, 2000

The town I live in is called "Broken Arrow". This name was derived from a group of Indians that came from a community in Alabama called, in their language, "Broken Arrow", where there was a luxuriant growth of reeds for … (read more)

Invest Your Life In Others

December 22, 1999

At this time of the year when Christmas cards arrive daily, I am reminded of the many friends God has given me. I realize that if it weren't for His goodness, I wouldn't have any friends. I used to be … (read more)

Silence Your Fears

November 14, 1999

It was April 24, 1961 and I was alone in a remote village in Laos. News had come that rebel soldiers led by the Viet Kong were advancing toward Muong Phine, and my supervisor had told me to leave. But … (read more)


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