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September 19, 2006

Everything went completely black. We had had a power-cut whilst I was working on the computer late at night. This was a bit of a shock, because we live in an area of considerable light pollution from the main road, … (read more)


September 9, 2006

When it is sunny, I walk around our nearby lake and watch the wildlife as they carry on their existence. I have noticed the reliance of the young fledglings upon their parents, who watch over them. When they are happy … (read more)


August 18, 2006

During the course of the day, students ask me to help them to use the software and hardware in my computer area. I attempt, by my professional application, to engender a sense of peace and quiet confidence within myself and … (read more)


July 16, 2006

Being a belt and braces (suspenders) man, I have always carried both a chain and a cable on my bicycle to deter any casual miscreant. However, all this security comes at a cost. The galvanized chain is a quarter-inch-thick chain-link, … (read more)

Glasses Case

July 5, 2006

I have now reached an age when I can no longer read the small print — any small print — without a set of glasses, or alternatively, a long arm extension and a magnifying glass! As a result, I have … (read more)


June 12, 2006

To keep abreast of my everyday communications, I store my e-mail files on a flash memory stick. When I arrive at a computer — at home or at work — I plug in the memory stick, and keep up-to-date with … (read more)

Fixing The Chair

June 7, 2006

One of the things one finds out in building a computer is the necessity of loading the software and reinstalling files. As a result, my office chair, which I had acquired as an unwanted cast-off from work, has been — … (read more)


May 30, 2006

I am dyslexic. For those like me, the cost is high to unscramble jumbled thoughts and turn them into a straight line on a typed page. As a result, this process acts as a filter for what I write. These … (read more)

Where Are You?

May 19, 2006

I went into town the other day and was attracted by the sound of a woman's voice reverberating off the surrounding buildings. As I came closer to the point of origin, I found a very smart woman speaking on her … (read more)


March 16, 2006

The other day I had a cold, so I made my way around the town's one-way system in the car, and as usual, the traffic was congested and slow-moving. In front of the car ahead of me, waiting at the … (read more)

Finding The Time

March 10, 2006

Sometimes it is difficult to make the time. Sometimes I cannot be bothered to make the time. Sometimes I cannot face making the time. So I will do anything to allow time to consume me — in doing anything other … (read more)


January 23, 2006

Things in my work world are constantly in a state of flux. We restructure year on year on year. My managers fret when I confirm that I am able to do what they ask but that I am unwilling to … (read more)


January 7, 2006

My window at work looks towards the Cotswold Hills, beautiful beneath a blue sky. But when the clouds descend, the hills become hidden from view. Today, they arrived with snow in them, and true to form, the hills disappeared under … (read more)

Washing The Car

October 27, 2005

I live at present in a gated collection of flats and houses. One of the downsides of having a designated parking space is that there is no choice of where to park the car. The space we have is situated … (read more)


August 1, 2005

Our doorstep leads onto tarmac. The area is a sun trap, with a black surface that gets warm very quickly in the summer sunshine. We have a sizable pot of plants that sits in a tray outside the front door; … (read more)


July 29, 2005

I have bought a second-hand car recently. When I put my foot on the accelerator, the engine just died. Aarrgh! The garage salesperson assured me that it would be fixed. They also promised to repair any faults over the next … (read more)


May 19, 2005

We have a new phenomenon in our vicinity: identity theft. Thieves can raid our bins left out for the refuse collectors to remove. They scavenge for paperwork that might give away details of personal accounts. With the details, they can … (read more)

The Pocket

May 16, 2005

I have a waterproof jacket that I wear to go walking and riding to work. I bought it for my birthday two years ago. It is lightweight and specifically made for the task. Consequently, I thought it rather atypical that, … (read more)

Gold Cup

May 12, 2005

It is Gold Cup race day at Cheltenham Racecourse, a big event with the attraction of a major sport cup-tie. The town centre has the cosmopolitan feel of London or New York, with the pace being quickened by the anticipation … (read more)

Book Of Life?

May 3, 2005

I hoped that being a Christian might save me from living in a marred world. Insofar as I have the direction, peace, and protection of God, it is true. Yet insofar as bad things happen, it is false. This at … (read more)


April 27, 2005

I hope to reach the terminus of my Bible journey as I read from the book of Genesis towards Revelation. In the past, it has been a familiar task. If I am honest, though, it is perhaps not now as … (read more)

Recognising The Truth

April 22, 2005

During the move to our new house, the bathroom scales were broken inside. Now they tell me that I weigh a little over one hundred and fifty pounds. This is so untrue that I cannot swallow their declaration. My body … (read more)


April 18, 2005

Before going to church, I prepared some potatoes for boiling. I thought it might speed the process of lunch on our return, in the event of a delay. Until the day before, these potatoes had been left out — because … (read more)

The Fragrance

April 13, 2005

The other day, I walked into a room in our new home and was struck by the delicate scent of my wife's perfume lingering in the atmosphere. It made for a pleasant change from the smell of electric motor and … (read more)

The Motorway

April 7, 2005

We have moved house this year. This included a trip on the motorway up north in a van to collect some furniture. As we went on our way, I noticed trains of articulated lorries (semi-trailers) nose-to-tail. Business was busy delivering. … (read more)

The Fireplace

March 31, 2005

We have a fireplace in our new home that has no chimney. It was put there as a focal point for the room. Other than that, it serves no good purpose. I love a good fire. I find the heat … (read more)

Green Or Blue?

March 6, 2005

I know what is green and what is blue, and have known so successfully for the last 49 years. My wife and I, however, have differing perceptions about the matter. Now it may well be that my colour perception is … (read more)


January 6, 2005

On Mondays, I start work at lunchtime and continue until 9:00 p.m. I try not to leave my getting ready to the last minute, because I like to arrive at work without being in a state of stress. However, I … (read more)


December 29, 2004

We have had a few cold snaps lately, in the lee of the Cotswold Hills. We had a heavy frost, which fell thickly onto the roofs and windows of the cars in our street. I was later than I needed … (read more)


November 13, 2004

The other day, we were driving when an oncoming large red pickup truck pulled across the road, between us and the car in front, apparently not wanting to wait to find out if there was another car following. As a … (read more)


October 20, 2004

Today, students — most of them — are glowing with pride and bouncing with excitement, as they have been online to find out their results. All the nervous energy, now expended, has been suddenly washed over by the jubilation of … (read more)


October 9, 2004

There is demolition going on just a few streets away from my view of the Cotswold countryside where I work. Workers are pulling down an office block. It is being ripped apart by a huge machine with an enormous set … (read more)

Cookie Jars!

September 20, 2004

Sometimes things happen and I ask, "Lord, what are You saying to me?" Today, I was enthusiastically having a cup of tea when such an event occurred. Earlier at home, in haste, I had cut off the last few biscuits … (read more)


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