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Imitating Christ's Happiness

October 11, 1996

"…make my joy complete:" Where did Jesus find true happiness in this life? His disciples saw it in his service and self-sacrifice and so the bible says to us today: "Have this mind in you that was in Christ Jesus" … (read more)

The Road To Happiness

October 10, 1996

Happiness is relational. Jesus takes time in the beatitudes to remind us that the truly happy life, the truly blessed life comes when we find our spirit connection – find it within ourselves find it in relation to the creation … (read more)

Happiness Is…

October 9, 1996

Dr. Karl Menninger once observed, "Attitudes are more important than facts." And when you are seeking happiness in life this is doubly true. How you perceive life will determine life. How others perceive you will reinforce your happiness or your … (read more)

Happy Are Those Who …

October 8, 1996

There was a tranquilizer on the market a couple of decades ago that people use to call the "happy pill". Take one of these and forget all your worries and all your cares and simply be happy. The trouble with … (read more)

Seeing With New Eyes

October 6, 1996

Early in my ministry I was told by an hundred and three year old lady of what it was like, when Custer led his troops into a village populated by women, children and the elderly, to watch as the troops … (read more)

Come And Follow

October 5, 1996

We don't know the story of blind old beggarman Bartimaeus because he was healed. Any number of nameless people were healed. No, we know his story because of these few words recorded in scripture: "he followed him on the way." … (read more)

Me? A Missionary?

October 4, 1996

A few years ago, I was asked to do an article based on the section in Living Faith on "Mission: The Church Reaches Out", for the Presbyterian Record. The whole series was to be a learning experience for the Church … (read more)

A Touch Of Transfiguration

September 25, 1996

In the story of the transfiguration we see, maybe for the briefest of moments, a glimpse of who Jesus is, a truth made obvious to his friends who have come with him. Transfiguration is a personal experience. Have you ever … (read more)

Precious People

September 22, 1996

I don't know if people still read John Steinbeck's award winning novels, but they should because they always have a powerful message for those who love people. Take for instance Cannery Row, Sweet Thursday, which is the story of a … (read more)

Precious Memories

September 19, 1996

One of my children , Kristelle, was involved in a project at the Shiretown Nursing Home called Memories in which the lives of five senior citizens were recorded for posterity. It was a wonderful experience for both young and old … (read more)

When You Are Spiritually Empty

September 16, 1996

See if you've ever been in this place in your spiritual life: Your spirit is parched and withered. In prayer you hear only the echoes of your own pleas. You wander aimlessly through the barren soulscape, searching for that Friend … (read more)

Answers At Your Door

September 13, 1996

Rhoda goes to answer the door. She is being disturbed from a prayer meeting called for Peter who is in prison. She asks who is at the door and Peter says it is himself. She's so flustered she goes back … (read more)

My Pet Rock

September 10, 1996

Meet my pet rock, Ebenezer. You may laugh at having a pet rock and you may think Ebenezer a presumptious name for a dumb rock but it is all scriptural and it is all significant in informing our faith and … (read more)


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