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Set Your Sails

June 28, 1997

When you sail, everyone thinks they have instant gifts for you. All they need to find is something with the word in it and 'presto', an instant gift. Take the new mug in my office. It contains a picture of … (read more)

Sitting In The Sailboat

June 27, 1997

It's the race of the year. Every bit of gear has been checked and rechecked, every piece of rigging gone over again and again. We are ready for anything. The starter's horn sounds and we're off! And there we sit, … (read more)

A Season For Sailing

June 26, 1997

OK. Why is the Church like a sailboat? Give up? Because so much energy goes in to keeping the thing repaired and so little time is left to do the activity it was made for. When I talk about sailing, … (read more)


June 23, 1997

As Ghandi stepped aboard a train one day, one of his shoes slipped off and landed on the track. He was unable to retrieve it as the train was moving. To the amazement of his companions, Ghandi calmly took off … (read more)

The Journey's End

June 22, 1997

The phone rings in the night. A childhood friend has just died. I sit in the dark and wonder again about life and what life means, especially for her now that death has come. She found out many years ago … (read more)

Keep The Ball Low

June 20, 1997

In an old Peanuts comic strip, Charlie Brown attempts to explain the mystery of life to his friend, Lucy. He says, "Be kind. Don't smoke. Be prompt. Smile a lot. Eat sensibly. Avoid cavities. Mark your ballot carefully. Avoid too … (read more)

It Takes All Kinds

June 19, 1997

Max Christensen has written a book entitled, Turning Points: Stories of People who made a Difference, and in it he recounts the stories of many nobodies who become somebody because they trust God and believe God wills the very best … (read more)

More Than Skin Deep

June 18, 1997

Evidently, judging from Jesus' parable of the mustard seed, God looks at things differently than we do. Is that surprising? What we regard as common, small, of little account, God regards as miraculous, wonderful, what the kingdom is all about. … (read more)

In God's Eyes

June 17, 1997

A Sunday School teacher was trying to talk to the fifth grade class about being called by God. The teacher really tried to make the story come alive, telling of Jesus' call to those who fished or collected taxes, the … (read more)

Why Me Lord? (What Have I Ever Done?)

June 16, 1997

William Willimon begins a meditation with a series of questions we do well to ask ourselves. "Why are you here?" he asks. "Not why are you here, here at church, but why are you here, you of all people? You … (read more)

Don't Worry – Be Happy

June 14, 1997

He came to me again after church and simply said "Luke 12". He's done this before and I know the code for a breakthrough in this man's life. He had experienced personal, health, and business failure and his life had … (read more)

The Graduate: Part 4… Love

June 10, 1997

Be true to yourself, believe in yourself, and love yourself. Remember the story of Narcissus who looked into a pool of water and fell in love with his own reflection? This isn't what I mean by self love. Love of … (read more)

The Graduate: Part 3… Trying

June 9, 1997

There is an old saying that goes like this: You never know what you can do until you try. Maybe you feel that way about graduation, maybe even more about what you will be doing next. Bonaro Overstreet has added … (read more)

The Graduate: Part 2… Happiness

June 8, 1997

A word of wisdom that no book can ever teach is how to be happy. The longer I live the more I realize that God wishes for us to be happy in life, to enjoy life and love life. Long … (read more)

The Graduate: Part 1… Kindness

June 7, 1997

Henry James was one of those strange philosophers who would use twenty words where one would do, and who would speak in riddles when plain speaking was necessary. When his nephew Billy was leaving home, Henry James called him aside … (read more)

Life With Lucy: Part 4

May 31, 1997

Lucy opens the scene by saying philosophically: "Life is like a deck chair. Some face theirs backwards and look at where they've been; some face forward so they can see where they are going; and some put theirs sideways so … (read more)

Life With Lucy: Part 3

May 30, 1997

Lucy and Linus are home alone and Lucy is looking out the widow, musing that life is a drag. "I'm completely fed up. I've never felt so low in my life". Linus suggests that when you're in a mood like … (read more)

Life With Lucy: Part 2

May 29, 1997

One day Charlie Brown is reflecting to Lucy on what a disgrace it is the way she and Linus, her brother, fight all the time. "You're really lucky to have each other. Brothers and sisters should learn to love each … (read more)

Life With Lucy: Part 1

May 28, 1997

Do you read Charlie Brown comics? You should. There is more theology in them than in most of the sermons I hear. Lucy, in one Peanuts comic strip for example says: "I love humanity. It's people I can't stand.'" I … (read more)

All In The Family

May 11, 1997

Jeanne wrote our own wedding song and it contained the promises we wished to make to bind our lives in life-long commitment. The vows were for husband and wife but grew to include a wider family that has developed over … (read more)

Supporting 'Those' Young People

May 10, 1997

I just read an article about the youth of today and the terrible state of their lives. The article lamented that most youth were addicted to computer and T.V. monitors at the least, and to cocaine and marijuana at the … (read more)

'Those' Young People

May 9, 1997

A hundred years ago people were different. We were raised on the stories of how hard our grandparents worked, especially as children, and we were told to follow in their footsteps. In the Pictou Advocate of November 1895, an editorial … (read more)

Recreating The Clay

May 7, 1997

While in Newfoundland with the Atlantic Ecumenical Council, I had opportunity to visit a hermitage which had a resident potter. He displayed for us the creative process that transformed a lump of clay into a wonderful new creation. Just when … (read more)

God: An Invitation

May 5, 1997

It is this God revealed in Jesus Christ that invites you today to choose what you will do with this gift called life, and with the time and talent and treasure entrusted to you. This God invites you into an … (read more)

God: Revealed In Jesus Christ

May 4, 1997

It is here, in the Christ, that I come closest to knowing the Creator God, the source of all life and love in the universe, eternal, unchanging, all-powerful. And I am left knowing that the only biographical picture I ever … (read more)

God: With A Face

May 3, 1997

The only glimpse ever given of God, except that curious passage when Moses is granted a discrete view of God's back (Exodus 33:18-23), is in the person of Jesus Christ. Philip said to him, "Lord, show us the Father, and … (read more)

God: Who Are You?

May 2, 1997

The church has dug deep looking at the why and the wherefore and all the rest regarding God, though I don't think we have ever attempted a biography, such as that of Jack Miles in his book God: A Biography. … (read more)

God: I Am Who I Am

May 1, 1997

In membership classes we share a prayer which expresses how little we can say about God, a prayer from the St. Andrew's Press, which goes like this: Lord, we are ill at ease in a world we cannot regulate with … (read more)

God: Seeking And Searching

April 30, 1997

Jack Miles' book, God: A Biography, bases deductions about God's nature and motives on God's words and actions as recorded in the Hebrew Bible, the section we call the Old Testament. To my knowledge this has never been done or … (read more)

God: What Is Our Image?

April 29, 1997

Yesterday, we began talking about our image of God. We're all used to thinking of God as "Our Father, who art in heaven". We may not be quite so familiar with the images of God being like a mother, as … (read more)

God: The Beginning Of A Biography

April 28, 1997

I love the way Jack Miles' Pulitzer prize winning book God: A Biography addresses the nature of God and the many ways people perceive the divine. Penelope Mesic, writing a review in the Chicago Tribune, captures the essence of the … (read more)

When The Car-Phone Connects

April 25, 1997

Past-Moderator, Linda Bell, explains the place of prayer in her life when she writes: For me, prayer is like having an ongoing conversation with a dear and precious friend — with one who is shocked by nothing, forgives everything, never … (read more)

Take It To The Lord In Prayer

April 24, 1997

Rev. Lorna Raper-Hillian is a beloved minister of St. Andrew's elder Mary Watt when Mary is visiting 'out west'. Lorna writes: I find when I am worried or upset about an issue, I simply give it over to God. I … (read more)


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