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Share The Peace

October 4, 1997

If you knew me well enough you'd know I would never try to scare someone out of their wits, at least not on purpose. Well, I did it about a month ago at an ecumenical gathering. The worship leader invited … (read more)

V L Ts

October 3, 1997

The Premier of Nova Scotia has recently declared that he will abide by the decision of municipal plebiscites regarding the banning or otherwise of VTL's. This letter is to ask you to act quickly in encouraging people in you community … (read more)

A Trail Of Blood

September 29, 1997

(From my Journal August 28th, 1997) I followed a trail of blood this morning. It took me through the streets of Pictou, each step a horror of whatever had happened during the darkness. I saw the broken window and knew … (read more)

It Makes A Difference

September 27, 1997

Malcolm Muggeridge had a life changing experience with Mother Theresa. Following her daily routine, Muggeridge asked what difference it made to the world that she was looking after the particular young and dying girl they were looking at. Mother Theresa … (read more)

Who Am I?

September 26, 1997

Genesis asserts that human beings enjoy a special relationship to the Creator because we are created in the likeness of God and blessed. Elizabeth Achtemeier says: Surely that fact should be emphasized, for in our time there are many who … (read more)

Bonhoeffer Exonerated… What A Pity

September 25, 1997

If you keep up with the news you'll have noticed that Dietrich Bonhoeffer has been exonerated from the charge of high treason. What a pity! His story of defiance and opposition and finally plotting against Hitler has always been a … (read more)

Letter To The Editor

September 24, 1997

Dear Sir: Times change and so too do community newspapers. I was looking at an old paper from over one hundred years ago. Among all the other items was the sermon from the Kirk Church that week written out in … (read more)

The Good In Anger

September 21, 1997

Anger is not necessarily sin. Anger is not the problem as Jesus cleanses the temple. The problem is what we do with the anger we feel. Jonah had the other kind of anger – the kind that was going to … (read more)

Consumed By Anger – Part 2

September 20, 1997

Being good Calvinists, Presbyterians are not really allowed to be angry, or, if allowed, we are not supposed to show it. Frederick Beuchner had his tongue in his cheek, I am sure, when he wrote: Of the seven Deadly Sins, … (read more)

Consumed By Anger – Part 1

September 19, 1997

In a satirical cartoon a man came home from work after a rough day both tired and exasperated. As soon as his wife said hello, he growled and shouted at her. She turned and yelled at the oldest child, who … (read more)

The Liar's Corner

September 16, 1997

After the "Around the Island Boat Race" held in the summer of 1997, from Charlottetown, around Prince Edward Island and back, there was the traditional "liar's corner" at the awards ceremony. This is where all the boat skippers, except the … (read more)

The Road To Perfection

September 9, 1997

What Jesus teaches about the fulfilment of the law is that we are to reach outward, not inward, to find fulfilment. Zen, Transcendental Meditation, yoga, and a host of other spiritual aids miss the mark, just as the law of … (read more)

You Don't Have To Be Perfect

September 8, 1997

Stephen Farris has written a marvellous little book entitled You Don't Have to be Perfect!, and if you've ever been tempted to put yourself down or write yourself off, or label yourself as good for nothing, then I recommend you … (read more)

A Clergy Confesses

September 7, 1997

God, I can't be perfect. I can't even be as good as Jim (my brother), or Jeanne (my wife), let alone Jesus. I can't – I can't lead a life that is without fault, I can't stop sinning, despite my … (read more)

Let Your Light Shine

September 6, 1997

Jesus talks a lot about the light. Hidden light is lost, useless to guide and expose and bring beauty. We are to be a light for the world, friends of Jesus who guide others through the darkness, expose sin and … (read more)

Savoury Salt

September 5, 1997

Scriptures says followers of Jesus are the salt of the earth. That old phrase, the way we traditionally use it, gets only part of the picture. We are to be reliable, dependable, unchanging in our attitude toward Christ, but it … (read more)

Good For Nothing

September 4, 1997

I guess I really don't want to hear that I am supposed to be perfect, yet there is a theme throughout scriptures that points us toward perfection: Now I like the way the New English Bible puts this passage from … (read more)

Christians Aren't Perfect

September 3, 1997

I was given a button by a friend who probably thought I needed it more than she did. It says, Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven. Anybody here perfect? Have you kept all the laws and rules and regulations at your … (read more)

Back To Basics

August 28, 1997

Here we are back to the heart and back to the beginning of the search for our true selves, a search that brings us face to face with the living God. "Our hearts are restless until they find their rest … (read more)

Huge Hearts Filled With Love

August 27, 1997

Brother Roger of the Taize community once asked: Will we have hearts large enough, imaginations open enough, love burning enough to enter upon the Gospel way, to live as a people who are reconciled, without delaying a single day? … … (read more)

Return To The Heart

August 26, 1997

Brother Roger, founder of the Taize community, once reflected: Every human being yearns to be loved as well as to love. It is not for nothing that the Gospel alerts us about not becoming locked up in isolation. When we … (read more)

A Love For Life

August 25, 1997

"If we discovered that we had only five minutes left to say all that we wanted to say, every telephone booth would be occupied by people calling other people to stammer that they loved them." (Christopher Morley) Maybe we should … (read more)

Let Love Lead You

August 24, 1997

A woman came and knocked on my door. The story she had to tell was terrible – of a daughter in danger, of terrible abuse, of helplessness, of hopelessness, of fear for the whole family – and she asked, "What … (read more)

Let Your Heart Do The Seeing

August 23, 1997

I love this story told about Mendelsohn's grandfather: He was born with a humpback and his presumed grotesque appearance caused people to turn away from him. On a journey to Hamburg he spied a woman so wonderful and beautiful he … (read more)

Listen To Your Heart

August 22, 1997

Spread love everywhere you go – there is a motto for life you can take beyond the confines of the church. It is Mother Theresa's motto for life. She says: First of all in your own house. Give love to … (read more)

Golden Girls And Guys

August 13, 1997

"Old age, to the unlearned, is winter; to the learned, it is harvest time." I minister to an older congregation and they continually astound me with the joy of living to an old age. I am in my forties and … (read more)

Lost In The Fog

August 9, 1997

A beautiful day for sailing! It couldn't have been more perfect until the fog bank came down the harbour, shrouding us in white. There was not a sound, not a breath of wind, not a single object to be seen. … (read more)

Feeling Powerless

July 25, 1997

Do you have any idea how powerless I feel in many pastoral situations? So often, all I can do is sit and listen and hold a hand and lend a shoulder to cry on. Yet often God invites me to … (read more)

A Regular Roach Letter?

July 23, 1997

A man discovered a roach in his food while he was travelling on a dinner flight. He was so angry that he wrote a letter of protest to the president of the company. The president wrote back and said, We've … (read more)

I Am Who I Am

July 21, 1997

"You do not have to be your mother unless she is who you want to be. You do not have to be your mother's mother, or your mother's mother's mother, or even your grandmother's mother on your father's side. You … (read more)

I'd Rather Be Sailing

July 1, 1997

There goes one now – a tourist. All year they waited for this moment to simply relax and get away from it all. Oops, there goes another one. Holidays are a time to get away from the busyness and hecticness … (read more)

A Miserable Mariner

June 30, 1997

OK, so I was stupid. I can be forgiven for a bit of stupidity. I sailed over to Pictou Island to spend the night in the safety of the Western Wharf with my family. The next morning I planned to … (read more)

The Rudder

June 29, 1997

You have no idea how much work goes in to preparing for the sailing season. Hours and hours are spent on the hard stuff – scraping and sanding and smoothing and then painting and polishing. Making the boat look good … (read more)


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