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Messages From Zimbabwe: Journey To Wholeness (6)

December 5, 1998

Today I am doing final preparations to speak with the people of Mbare Presbyterian Church tomorrow. I've been told this is an exuberant congregation who do not speak English but know the language of the Spirit. As a guest in … (read more)

Messages From Zimbabwe: Journey To Wholeness (5)

December 4, 1998

One of the most powerful moments of reconciliation I have experienced was during the transition from white to majority rule in South Africa. Two South Africans came to my country of Canada– one black and a former member of the … (read more)

Messages From Zimbabwe: Journey To Wholeness (4)

December 3, 1998

I claim friendship with God through Jesus Christ… and that is a first step in my personal journey to wholeness. It is actually Paul who says this is just the first step. We are not only reconciled to God through … (read more)

Messages From Zimbabwe: Journey To Wholeness (3)

December 2, 1998

Two years ago this week I was in Salvador, Brazil with the World Council of Churches' Conference on Mission and Evangelism. We went down to the docks of that ancient city and looked at the cobblestone wharf that had stood … (read more)

Messages From Zimbabwe: Journey To Wholeness (2)

December 1, 1998

I began ministry twenty some years ago in a place called Waywayseecappo in the Canadian Province of Manitoba, four thousand kilometres away from my home and family on the East Coast and half a world away from Zimbabwe. The people … (read more)

Messages From Zimbabwe: Journey To Wholeness (1)

November 30, 1998

The Eighth Assembly of the World Council of Churches is meeting December 3-14, 1998. The purpose of the World Council of Churches is to come together "as a fellowship of churches which confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and … (read more)

Bringing The Best

November 24, 1998

Deuteronomy talks about the tithe, that portion of our possessions that rightfully belongs to God, to be used, according to the passage, to support the Levites (that is, those who serve in the sanctuary), the strangers, the orphans the widows, … (read more)

Leftovers For God?

November 23, 1998

We live in a leftover society. Actually, many of us live on leftovers. We clean out the refrigerator to scrounge a meal from the many that went before. We frequent 'new to you' shops. This is a polite way of … (read more)

Imprisoned By Time… Freed By Eternity

November 13, 1998

Love will always reach out toward the eternal. Love comes from that place within us where death cannot enter. Love does accept the limits of hours, days, weeks, months, years, or centuries. Love is not willing to be imprisoned by … (read more)

The Meaning Of Millennium

November 3, 1998

It's coming, and before you realize it, you will be living in a new millennium. That may be something of a yawn for you, but 1000 years ago there were riots, upheavals, uncertainty and fear to mark the end of … (read more)

Back To The Future

October 29, 1998

Leonard Cohen wrote the lyrics to The Future and we hear: Give me back the Berlin wall Give me Stalin and St. Paul I've seen the future, brother: It is murder. Cohen was only partially joking when he invoked the … (read more)

Through The Labour To Life

October 25, 1998

Let me set a scene. A wonderful woman and her family has become part of our worshipping family. She joined us from a tradition that probably does not exalt the place of women in the life of the church and … (read more)

Our Powerless God (4)

October 21, 1998

The powerlessness of the manger becomes the powerlessness of the cross and the taunts and jeers of the crowd were correct: "He saved others; he cannot save himself." Indeed he cannot save himself. He hangs there, his flesh torn apart … (read more)

Our Powerless God (3)

October 20, 1998

Today, I would like to share a few words from Henry Nouwen: It is through total and unmitigated powerlessness that God shows us divine mercy. The radical, divine choice is the choice to reveal glory, beauty, truth, peace, joy, and, … (read more)

Our Powerless God (2)

October 19, 1998

There are strange paradoxes to our faith that often elude us in the subtlety of their message and meaning. For example, the great God of Creation came to us as a helpless baby. This same God who holds the stars … (read more)

Our Powerless God (1)

October 18, 1998

In the movie titled "The Ref", there is an amusing scene where a married couple, who argue and yell at each other constantly, are being held hostage by a man who breaks into their home. Tired of listening to them, … (read more)

In Sync With The Cycles

October 16, 1998

It took a woman to remind me ( yes, gently) that most things in life come in cycles, natural rhythms – the rising and ebbing of the tide, the waxing and waning of the moon, the cycles of the body … (read more)

Seeker And Searcher

October 9, 1998

From the journal of a "seeker and searcher" in my congregation: "Ken also said that maybe God is searching for me more than I am searching for God. "Yes! "I needed to be reminded of that! God knows where this … (read more)

When The Word Is Heard

October 4, 1998

Preachers preach and often have very little feedback and/or comment. I have been 'peeking' at my ministry through the eyes of one of my church family. Recently she wrote: "Of course, last Sunday's sermon was about healing of body, mind … (read more)

The Life I Live

September 28, 1998

Martin Luther once wrote about the letter to the Galatians: "It is my epistle; I have betrothed myself to it; it is my wife." (He must have written this before his marriage to Catherine!) We all have words to which … (read more)

As It Happens: A Life Of Suffering (7)

September 21, 1998

Christianity is one of the strangest religions in the world because it is based on rock-solid reality and on life as it is. Christianity, at its best, refuses the convenient way out, of "pie-in- the-sky-when-we-die" and would have us down … (read more)

As It Happens: A Life Of Suffering (6)

September 20, 1998

Countless stories could be told of those who triumphed over sickness, suffering and sorrow, and went on to be there for others in need: the cancer survivor at the beside of one troubled by what tomorrow may bring; the alcoholic … (read more)

As It Happens: A Life Of Suffering (5)

September 19, 1998

Here is a prayer that is eternal in its truth and a prayer that will see us through many of the dark days: God grant me the serenity to accept what cannot change, the courage to change what should be … (read more)

As It Happens: A Life Of Suffering (4)

September 18, 1998

I really don't need to go into the list of life's disasters that befell Paul. We've already heard of the human and natural disasters that tried to overwhelm him and end his journey of faith. It's a long list, those … (read more)

As It Happens: A Life Of Suffering (3)

September 17, 1998

In one of Graham Greene's novels the hero is talking with his wife about her malicious father, Dr. Fisher. She asks her husband: "Have you a soul?" "I think I have one — shop worn but still there, but if … (read more)

As It Happens: A Life Of Suffering (2)

September 16, 1998

We all have two experiences of the events of life: the good that happens to us and the bad that seeks to break us. The question is: which leads to our growth and our spiritual maturity? I don't want to … (read more)

As It Happens: A Life Of Suffering (1)

September 15, 1998

OK, I know many of you have experienced the dark and difficult things of life including suffering and sorrow, loss and loneliness, despair and disease, and a host of other circumstances that make life seem too hard to take. The truism … (read more)

Putting On Christ

August 25, 1998

I remember as a child hearing a story about a famous actor who was invited to play the part of Jesus Christ. As was the actor's custom he studied the 'character' in order to be able to 'feel' the part. … (read more)

The Power Of Pain

August 18, 1998

A story is told about a rabbi [a teacher], and one of his students. One day the student comes up to him and says, "Teacher, I love you." "Do you know what hurts me?" "No," says the young man, "I … (read more)

A Few More Steps Toward Eternity

August 10, 1998

Malcolm Muggeridge at 84 wrote an article entitled Beyond Death. "And so I live, just for each day, knowing my life will soon be over, and that I, like Michelangelo at the end of his life… 'have loved my friends … (read more)

Good Bye Birdie

August 3, 1998

On April 22 Birdie Cantin died. He was only 66 and he probably died of lung cancer. He is not a household name. He is Anishanabe — a native from the Kenora, Ontario, area. He went to the Cecilia Jeffrey … (read more)

At All Times

July 26, 1998

The poor woman did recover. At least I think she recovered. She met me in the lobby of the hospital while she was checking in for surgery. We talked for awhile and as a casual conversation-ender she said, "Pray for … (read more)

Teach Us To Pray

July 19, 1998

Sometimes in ministry you are given the opportunity to browse the library of a friend who is retiring with the expectation you will find a gem to carry home. During one such experience, I came across a book by William … (read more)


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