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The Master's Garden

September 6, 2002

For the last two years, I've been the one to do the gardening. My husband had always done it in the past, but, because of work demands, he gave it over to me. Although I'm not nearly as good a … (read more)

People Need The Lord

November 1, 2001

As a result of the events that have taken place in the world over the last six weeks, I have been thinking quite a bit about leadership. What makes a leader? What draws us to a leader? In this country, … (read more)

Love In Countless Little Gifts

June 18, 2001

One morning as I was making school lunches, preparing breakfast and sorting out clothes for the kids, I was feeling a little unappreciated. Here I was, working hard making everyone's morning run smoothly — and no one even seemed to … (read more)


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