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From The End To The Beginning

Sunday, December 21, 1997

Mary's song of joy rings out through the ages of history. She is filled with delight at the news that she has been so blessed by God, to be chosen as the mother to whom the Son of God will … Read more

Check Your Baggage

Friday, December 19, 1997

Somewhere back in my treasury of memories is a mental picture of myself at about age 21 or 22, a student at what was then Ewart College in Toronto, Ontario. I was away from home for the first time, and … Read more

The Messengers

Sunday, December 14, 1997

Long ago in the ancient Middle East, and probably in other areas of the world as well, when a king decided to tour part of his dominion, he would send a courier, a messenger, ahead of him to tell the … Read more

Home For Christmas?

Wednesday, December 25, 1996

A long time ago, as a young university student, I used to plan and look forward to going "home" for Christmas. Stored somewhere in my memories is the sense of disappointment and sadness I felt the year that I made … Read more

The Way Of Blessing

Saturday, November 30, 1996

God bless you! Blessing someone who sneezes is a very old tradition, originating at a time when it was believed that a person was very vulnerable to possession by evil spirits while they sneezed. A sneeze is an involuntary action, … Read more


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