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Power Upon Him

Saturday, December 30, 2000

Over the Christmas period last year, I left my car lights on while parked, and returned to find the battery dead. My son arrived to rescue me with jumper cables in his car to "boost" mine. Once I got started, … Read more

Morning Star

Tuesday, September 14, 1999

Seventy years after the birthday it was written to celebrate, I discovered a hand-written letter from a father to his son at college in 1929. Congratulations to you from your Mother and the other members of the family upon the … Read more

Experience Powers! (2)

Saturday, July 10, 1999

Family history introduced me to an ancestor named Experience Powers, who helped establish Newport, Nova Scotia. Her name, like that of her contemporary, Consider Fuller, seemed unusual. Then I discovered that, in 1760, Experience and her husband had come from … Read more

Experience Powers! (1)

Friday, July 9, 1999

Through family research I discovered an ancestor named Experience Powers who had moved from Newport, Rhode Island to help found Newport, Nova Scotia in the 1760's. "Experience Powers" seemed such a odd name to give a little girl, until I … Read more

Beautiful Bay Of Hope (5)

Monday, April 12, 1999

In Newfoundland there is a bay called Bay d'Espoir, which means Bay of Hope. As a first time devotional writer, I finish what I think will be a series of four and prepare to send them to the Daily editor, … Read more

Beautiful Bay Of Hope (4)

Sunday, April 11, 1999

As I learn about the people of Bay d'Espoir, I realize what an inspiration they are. Their bay had several names over the centuries: French fishermen called the spectacular fjord the Bay of Hope, but for a time it was … Read more

Beautiful Bay Of Hope (3)

Saturday, April 10, 1999

The grand Newfoundland bay stretching over 50 kilometres in length and one time called Bay Despair, although named Bay d'Espoir (Bay of Hope), continues to inspire me. I am amazed that the great drainage basin which guides raindrops can become … Read more

Beautiful Bay Of Hope (2)

Friday, April 9, 1999

I recently learned how the spectacular Newfoundland fjord, Bay d'Espoir — once pronounced Bay Despair — was named in the 1600s by French fishermen, Bay of Hope. As I researched the history of this beautiful region, I discovered that a … Read more

Beautiful Bay Of Hope (1)

Thursday, April 8, 1999

On Newfoundland's south coast a spectacular fjord stretches over 50 kilometres in length. At one time this great bay was called Bay Despair although the name is Bay d'Espoir. Ice free, it was named "Bay of Hope" by French fishermen … Read more


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