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Being Saved

Tuesday, March 31, 1998

We often hear Christians using the term "being saved," an expression that signifies the eternal dimension of life after death and the relationship of "being in the Lord." But there is also a here-and-now dimension. Just a few days ago … Read more

Social Justice And People Of Faith (2)

Wednesday, February 11, 1998

It seems to me that Christianity has many strengths, not only in its interest in saving souls, but also in its concern for the physical and mental well-being of people in the here-and-now. One movement, Christian in base, that has … Read more

Social Justice And People Of Faith (1)

Tuesday, February 10, 1998

Recently someone commented to me that they wondered why Christians couldn't be involved in building a sense of community and solidarity, to be participating in social justice events. I was, frankly, surprised. And yet, as I thought about their question, … Read more

The Candle Of Peace

Sunday, December 8, 1996

Anybody who opens a newspaper or listens to the news will tell you that our world is hardly a peaceful place. With so much going on in the world, how can those of us with faith continue to hope for … Read more


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