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A Lamp To Lead Us

Tuesday, April 11, 2000

It might be something we have in common with the opossums that "go dead" in the face of danger. It is a trick that does work for them sometimes, but hysteria is a dysfunction for people, when in the face … Read more

Grace At The Table

Saturday, August 29, 1998

I would so like to know what Jesus said when he returned thanks for the food. What one should say for grace at the table has always been a little problem for me. I remember well two opposite views from … Read more

Thoughts On Communion

Saturday, June 6, 1998

Elijah had fled from Jezebel for his life, to Mount Sinai, and had cried to the Lord for help. A God who could save him from such a powerful despot, he would associate with fearsome phenomena such as fire or … Read more

The Holy Spirit: A Subtle But Powerful Resource

Sunday, January 4, 1998

When I was overseas in World War II, I knew that my mother prayed for her son every day, a matter I regarded rather cynically. Her son was not in great danger unless one can die from boredom. But it … Read more

Wondrous Gifts That Belong To Us

Monday, December 22, 1997

Little Sue is standing before the Christmas tree in tinselled delight. More than the tinsel and lights, she sees the presents there that have her name on them. It is a good feeling, because she is an important person, beloved … Read more

We Are Sustained In Our Church Service

Saturday, December 6, 1997

Even this pair of laid-back retirees needs the Lord's providence. How he does sustain us through the Holy Spirit in the community of the church! And so each Sunday, as my wife Millie and I attend church, our ancient organ … Read more


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