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A Bad Patch

Friday, May 29, 1998

Last fall, I went through what some would call a "bad patch". A bad patch is an experience that comes at the wrong time, just like when one is driving through a bad patch, it causes sluggishness to one's wheels. … Read more

What Do You Say?

Wednesday, May 13, 1998

What do you say at a memorial, or funeral service where the deceased has lived a lifestyle not quite like yours? A few years ago I was called by a mom and dad whom I had married some years before. … Read more

Share My Prayer

Wednesday, January 7, 1998

Dear Heavenly Father, each day I praise you and give thanks for all your mercies. But today, suddenly a spirit has come over me that wants to say thanks to you in ways not often done before. Thanks for gifts … Read more

Who Do I Think I Am?

Saturday, November 8, 1997

Sunday's reading from Job 38:1-7 really got to me. And not for the first time either. Even when not reading it, its essence entraps me. "Who do I think I am?" It all became a bit much. There I was, … Read more


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