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Building On A Firm Foundation

November 8, 2003

Recently, while on my daily walk, I passed by a new housing development in the rocky terrain of Muskoka. I took the time to observe a workman who was putting the cribbing in place to pour a foundation for a … (read more)

Preparing The Soil And Planting The Seed

September 30, 2003

It has been my custom to plant a second crop of beans in my vegetable garden each year. The planting takes place about the second week of July for a September picking. This year was a little special. Our four-year-old … (read more)


September 11, 2003

Recently, while driving home from church on a Sunday morning, we were enjoying the beautiful Muskoka countryside, the lush green under-foliage, the rock cliffs, and the stately pines. At one particular point along the route, we noticed that a stone … (read more)

Going After Lost Sheep

February 18, 2003

When we retired and moved to the Muskoka area, we were without the benefit of feeling that we belonged to a church community. We were in need of a flock with which to unite in a spiritual sense. There were … (read more)

Praying Without Words

February 8, 2003

Three years ago I retired from the active work force and accepted retirement as a change of lifestyle. One thing soon became apparent to me. I had, in my working life, placed a separation between my faith in God and … (read more)

Learning To Live In The Present Moment

November 18, 2002

Some time back, I took up the habit of keeping a spiritual journal or diary. One of my recent journal entries was about living in the present moment. It seems to me that our western culture is so addicted to … (read more)

Practicing The Presence Of God

November 14, 2002

My hobbies include a vegetable and flower garden. The more I work in the garden, the more I appreciate the wonder of budding, blossoming, and bringing forth fruit. The stewardship of caring for the garden has become an exercise in … (read more)

The Inner Eye

September 19, 2002

As Christians in today's society, we must develop a strong sensitivity to the creed of a Pharisee. Do we exhibit those traits in our lifestyle? Most of us, at some time or other, have viewed the world around us from … (read more)

Hold Things Of The World More Loosely

September 11, 2002

At the annual gathering of a group in the past week, the talk got around to cars, pick-up trucks, and vans, and how important they are to our worldly way of life. I noticed that, of the seven or eight … (read more)

Thoughts On A Garbage Strike (1)

September 9, 2002

The recent strike of garbage collectors in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, resulted in mounds of trash piling up in areas where it should not be found. Trash disposed of on a regular basis makes life bearable. There is … (read more)

Seeing The Big Picture

July 10, 2002

The Sunday morning drive to church in the beautiful Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, countryside turned my thoughts to the 104th Psalm, the focus of my meditation for the day. The more I thought about the words of the Psalm, the more … (read more)


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