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The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Pastor

August 16, 2004

Some time ago, the pastor at the church where I was worshipping had resigned after several years of dedicated service, and the church was awaiting the arrival of a new pastor. Of course, both the congregation and the board talked … (read more)

The Great Physician

August 12, 2004

"What's wrong with your legs? They're full of red blotches!" My friend didn't have to add that last comment; I already knew that my legs looked appalling, and they felt worse than they looked. They had started bothering me earlier … (read more)

Friendly Giants

August 8, 2004

When my oldest daughter was small, she used to enjoy watching "The Friendly Giant". Every day Friendly would say something like, "I'll pull up this little rocking chair for two more to curl up on," and Heather would grab Jimmy, … (read more)

My Manna Drops

August 4, 2004

I was preparing a talk for a Christian Living Class and had decided on a theme of "Manna, God's Food for Today". The idea was for us to explore together times when God had met our need by speaking to … (read more)

My Neighbour's Fence

July 31, 2004

I'm looking out my window at my neighbour's fence. It's different than some fences I've seen dividing properties — well, perhaps not all that different in appearance. The logs run from front to back in a long line to mark … (read more)

Our Neighbour's Guide

July 27, 2004

My friend, Connie, shared how lonely she was when she first moved to a new town, and how she had a special neighbour who cultivated a warm friendship over the first few months after she arrived. Connie went on to … (read more)

Prickles On Thistles

July 24, 2004

Perhaps because of my Scottish connections, I've long admired a colourful, purple plant, the thistle. So last summer when I discovered a thistle growing out of a pile of rocks, I took a picture. Most of us would see little … (read more)

Directionally Challenged

July 22, 2004

One Saturday, I was invited to speak at a fellowship breakfast being hosted at a country Bed and Breakfast. The only problem was that I tend to be directionally challenged, and the home was in the country. "All you do … (read more)

Broccoli Soup

July 15, 2004

"Never hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk." This was one of the statements on an e-mail list containing "great truths children have learned", and it reminded me of something in my own childhood. On my seventh … (read more)

The Master Designer

July 12, 2004

One night, I took my coffee into the family room and decided to watch a popular television show. On that particular show, a number of guests were being "made over" by several experts. At the start of the program, the … (read more)

Chocolate Ice Cream

July 4, 2004

"It's a gift, Dad, it's a gift," my brother concluded, as over the years he watched my father enjoy bowl after bowl of chocolate ice cream. He was referring to the fact that my Dad seemed capable of consuming large … (read more)

Up, Up And Away

July 1, 2004

Suddenly, we heard the whooshing sound of air blowing into the colourful array of hot-air balloons stretched across the grass. The ropes that had been holding them to the ground were released, and the crowd clapped and waved as, one … (read more)

The Sunrise

June 28, 2004

One recent morning as I looked out my window, I was greeted by a tinge of pink sky in the east. Later, as my husband and I were having our quiet time, the sun came streaming through our window, and … (read more)

The School Prayer

June 25, 2004

Mary's face lights up when you ask her about her work. She teaches a kindergarten class of five-year-olds. Part of her enjoyment comes from being able to share new experiences with the children who are coming to school for the … (read more)

Glass Maker

June 22, 2004

In Maleras, Sweden, I stood behind the rope in a fenced-off area of a glassmaking factory to watch a skilled craftsman as he used tiny diamond drills and ultrasonic tools to refine the details in a piece of crystal he … (read more)

Jesus, Our Friend

June 18, 2004

My friend spent much time in prayer for her granddaughter, Sadie (not her real name). She was concerned because Sadie's parents rarely went to church or took time from their busy lifestyles to teach their daughter about God. Every day … (read more)

Does God Have Mondays Off?

June 15, 2004

Young and old alike warmly received the local parish priest into their homes for a visit. Not long ago, on a Monday, his normal day off, he dropped into a parishioner's home for a cup of tea and a wee … (read more)

Wise And Strong

June 12, 2004

My brothers and I didn't have a television when we were growing up, and I don't remember seeing a play until I was in high school, so I'm not sure why we enjoyed acting out our Sunday School lessons, but … (read more)

When We Are Tempted To Worry

June 9, 2004

Recently, I was drawn to the book of Daniel, and, as I read the familiar passages, I couldn't help but wonder what Daniel might have written to his mother if he had been allowed to write home. If his letter … (read more)

The Fiery Furnace

June 6, 2004

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough brothers available to re-enact the scene of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego when they were in the fiery furnace, but I do remember telling the story to my brothers and their friends in the Bible club … (read more)

Leaving Riches For Our Children

June 3, 2004

Many times when I look around my comfortable home, I've thought of the tiny home that sheltered me for the first nine years of my life. We had no running water, indoor plumbing, or television, and the new wringer washer … (read more)

The Royal Family

May 30, 2004

When I was preparing a devotional to share with the local Christian school, I went to my favourite storybook, the book of Daniel. Here we learn how a young man was born into a noble family yet taken into captivity … (read more)

Courage To Stand

May 27, 2004

I can still picture my two brothers and me with towels draped around our shoulders like the gowns depicted on the Biblical figures in our Sunday School pictures. We hid behind our makeshift curtain, ready to put on our next … (read more)

Do Not Be Afraid

May 24, 2004

When I was a child, my brothers and I loved to act out the Bible stories that we had learned in Sunday School. First, we would go up to Mom's blue trunk, and pull out the spare blanket, which we … (read more)

Come, I'm Calling You

May 22, 2004

My dog, a white West Highland Terrier named Ben Nevis, has a way of ignoring me when I tell him to stay off the sofa or to not jump up on people who come to the door. However, if I … (read more)

Bank Machines

May 19, 2004

Although I like meeting my bank teller face to face, when I'm in a hurry, I like the convenience of the modern bank machine. Recently, after I had finished my business at one of these machines, I stepped aside to … (read more)

He Will Make The Darkness Light

May 16, 2004

When I was very young, perhaps pre-school age, I remember my father sitting in our humble living room in a straight-backed chair and singing. When Dad sang, he sang with all his might. He especially loved the songs of the … (read more)

Through Every Change

May 13, 2004

For several weeks last spring, my way of life was turned upside down. We were getting ready to move to a smaller home, and, before that could happen, we needed to sort through nearly thirty years of keepsakes and memories, … (read more)

God's Lessons From Little Folk (5)

May 9, 2004

It was Mother's Day and my four-year-old daughter watched as my husband presented a bouquet of roses to his mother. "Happy Mother's Day," he said as he leaned over and gave her a kiss. The remainder of the visit was … (read more)

God's Lessons From Little Folk (4)

May 8, 2004

I don't know why she wanted to print her name so many times. Perhaps it was because of the pride that she had in her in accomplishment, but, when our daughter was five, she printed her name on everything within … (read more)

God's Lessons From Little Folk (3)

May 7, 2004

My friend had been going through a long spell of serious illness. When speaking of this time of doctor's visits, tests, and days when she couldn't carry on her normal activities, she revealed that she felt like she was walking … (read more)

God's Lessons From Little Folk (2)

May 6, 2004

Children have a unique way of illustrating spiritual truths. When my grandson was two, his grandfather made him a new bed, one with no sides on it. To the delight of his parents, Matthew loved his bed so much that … (read more)

God's Lessons From Little Folk (1)

May 5, 2004

My friend Joy's four-year-old daughter, Leah, had a way of making up any number of excuses in order to come out of her room after she had been tucked in bed for the evening. After several evenings of Leah wandering … (read more)


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