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A Walking Epiphany

September 10, 2003

In an effort to become a healthier person, I have begun an "almost" daily walking regimen. I am blessed to be living close to a coastline, and so I get to walk two to three miles along that beautiful spot … (read more)

Surprised By Thanks

November 25, 1999

Teaching Sunday School is a challenging yet rewarding task. At our church we teach six weeks on, six weeks off. Although, I love to teach, I also look forward to my time in the pew! The Sunday before Thanksgiving Day … (read more)

You Were Never Gone

October 13, 1999

There is a cross around my neck; I wear it in honour of Him. It is there all the time; I never take it off. It is like my God: He is always there. One morning when I went into … (read more)

Quick To Eat, Slow To Thank

August 15, 1999

My husband out of town, homework finished and house cleaned for Bible study the next morning, my children and I decided to eat supper out. It was later than we usually ate supper, so we were very hungry. As soon … (read more)


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