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The Gifts That Last

December 4, 2000

I have no spectacular memory to hold onto of a phenomenal Christmas present or an outstanding occasion that is unique to the season. Instead, all those days are melded together into a montage of laughter, embraces, food, cheer, and deep … (read more)

Inspiration For Work

February 1, 2000

Ever notice that you can have a crowd around you and yet accomplish nothing if people don't have their "mind-set" right? Have you asked your kids to give you a hand in the garage and then wound up sending them … (read more)


December 8, 1999

Waiting for something to be perfected is difficult at times. Adding that final brush stroke, that last piece of ribbon, the crowning flourish of artistry: why can't it be okay the way it is now — when I want it … (read more)


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