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Waiting For Jesus' Return

May 30, 2012

My son and his wife were given a small, three-year-old dog, named Melo. My husband and I went over to their house to see the little guy. While we were visiting, I observed Melo lying on the floor, continually watching … (read more)

A Rose In The Garden

May 12, 2012

One year around the 24th of May, my mother-in-law, Rose, prepared a garden and planted seeds which produced tomatoes, strawberries, onions, lettuce, and vegetable marrow. When the time came to pick them, she asked me to help her. I was … (read more)

Trusting In God

April 29, 2012

My daughter gave me a beautiful picture of a mother holding her baby as she looked out the window. Under the picture it said, "Mother, I will love you forever." It reminded me of how newborn babies are so tiny … (read more)

True Suffering

March 28, 2012

With pot holders in my hands, I took the pan out of the hot oven. I had not realized, until it was too late, that my left thumb was hanging over the pot holder and pressing against the hot pan. … (read more)

Leading By Example

March 12, 2012

When three of my grandsons were young, I walked them to school each morning. On one particular day, the path and the gate we used were blocked by a huge mound of snow. We had to climb up and slide … (read more)

The Yellow Stain

February 15, 2012

In my refrigerator on the lower shelf, there was a large, yellow stain which I could not remove. The refrigerator was like this when we moved into our condo, and the warranty on it was outdated. The stain displeased me. … (read more)


October 16, 2009

A number of years ago, my sister and her friends invited me to come along and play some golf. We purchased a basket of golf balls to share. We each took turns. When my turn came, I took one of … (read more)

Preparing To Move Out

September 26, 2009

My husband and I decided to put our four-bedroom home on the market. We got ready to downsize by getting rid of a lot of furniture and things we did not need. We managed to empty three bedrooms and most … (read more)

Children By Adoption

October 23, 2008

At my son and daughter-in-law's home, my husband and I and her parents waited excitedly and patiently for the arrival of our new granddaughter. My son and his wife had waited four years to adopt a child. Now the blessed … (read more)

Jump In

July 11, 2008

When I was a child, I took swimming lessons each summer. I would start in the beginners' class, because I was afraid to swim in deep water. Finally, in the third year, the instructor put me in the junior class. … (read more)

Signs Of Spring

April 1, 2008

One fall, I decided to plant some tulip bulbs in my front garden. The winter came and went. Finally spring arrived. At the beginning of spring, I went out to look at the garden soil, in anticipation, hoping to see … (read more)

Keep Looking Ahead

March 25, 2008

When I was a teenager, I went to visit my aunt and uncle at their cottage. They had a motor boat. The other family members were sitting on the deck enjoying the warm, sunny weather. My uncle invited me to … (read more)

Our Aunt

January 16, 2008

After caring for our elderly aunt, aged 89, from a distance for a while, the doctor told my husband and me that our aunt was no longer capable of living on her own. She was suffering from Alzheimer's. We then … (read more)

Walking In The Light

January 11, 2008

One evening, I heard sounds coming from our attic — "pit-a-pat, pit-a-pat" — back and forth across the ceiling. I went out to the garage, which is attached to the house, to investigate. There, near the roof, was a very … (read more)

Accept One Another

January 6, 2008

My beloved adopted mother had passed away three years earlier. My brother-in-law, the family genealogist, suggested that I search for my biological siblings. I hesitated, out of fear, wondering what they would be like and what kind of life they … (read more)

God Answers Prayers

January 2, 2008

After getting renovation quotes for a new kitchen, which were too much, I called my son. He told my husband and me that he would do it for us. He said there was a second-hand store which supplied kitchen cabinets, … (read more)

In Awe Of God

December 28, 2007

My dog, Ginger, lay down at my feet, looking up at me. She usually lies with her head down unless she wants the food in my hand. However, I had no food this time, only a book that I was … (read more)

You Are Never Too Old

March 21, 2007

In the library, I came across a book on antiques. It was filled with pictures of old furniture and other antique items. Below the pictures were the dollar values. Some articles were highly priced; others were not. Their value as … (read more)

Seek Jesus Continually

March 15, 2007

It was 1:30 on a cold, stormy, winter morning, and I was in labour with our first child. I was standing outside, while my husband chased a taxicab a block away. The snow was falling quickly, and all around me … (read more)

Giving Up One's Life For Christ

February 21, 2007

What does giving up one's life for Christ mean, and what does this look like today? This past year I have come to know something of what this means. Jesus used a wonderful family to be witnesses for Him. It … (read more)

The Lead Horse

February 13, 2007

When my sister and her friends invited me to go horseback riding, I asked for a gentle horse, and then took my position, last on the trail. Suddenly, my mount took off, and we passed everyone at full gallop. I … (read more)


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