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Faith Like Squirrels

January 4, 2021

Are you fond of squirrels? From my childhood, I remember the damage that they can do if they get into one's attic, so I've not been particularly fond of the critters! This morning, however, as I sat at my table enjoying a coffee and …( read more )

To Forgive And Forget

July 9, 2020

One particular day, when I was feeling riddled with shame for something that I had done before my salvation, a dear friend warned me, saying, "Lois, every time you doubt whether God would love and forgive you, it's as though you have taken …( read more )

Align With Christ And Be At Peace

February 5, 2020

When I first started doing street evangelism, I had a real challenge. I noticed that for every ten persons I came across on the street, nine claimed that they already knew Jesus and were born-again Christians. Hence, preaching to them was …( read more )

Be On The Lookout

December 6, 2019

Do you ever wonder how many spiritually lost people you pass each day? It was December 2018. I needed to run to the store to finish Christmas shopping. I felt a strong urge to grab a tract and a coupon that I had just received in the …( read more )

Tree Of Death Or Gift Of Life

September 21, 2018

My north window looks onto the schoolyard. There I see old box elders, young replacement trees, and a half-grown silver maple with leaves shaped much like the one on our Canadian flag. But the silver maple's leaves were brown — in …( read more )

Finding The Hope

April 27, 2018

A few years ago, several churches in my area participated in the Finding the Hope campaign. Dozens of Christian volunteers went door to door and blitzed the whole city with a small booklet about salvation and an invitation to church, …( read more )

What Will Happen?

February 28, 2018

PART THREE – January 25, 2018 Previously, I wrote that for financial reasons, First Presbyterian Church in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada, was closing and moving into an empty space downtown. We chose to make a daring and drastic change …( read more )

Exult In God's Kindness

April 29, 2017

Oh, my apple trees! Their delicate pink-and-white, curled-up, wee buds are opening in the sunshine. These new, little trees thrill me! At a horticulture workshop a few years ago, I was shown how to graft eating-apple stem pieces onto …( read more )

Unsung Heroes

April 15, 2017

We remember the bad times, the bad news, and the bad people who have affected our lives by what they have done. Every day, television and newspapers scream out tragedies, horrific devastation, and suffering. Our minds are automatically …( read more )

Listen To The Sermon

December 20, 2015

In many churches, the traditional ways of worship have changed. The order of service is not as rigid as it used to be. Some ministers interact with the congregation, and some people even reply. There was a time when we did not laugh in …( read more )

The Story

February 10, 2015

What do we do when God answers our prayers? The story of Abraham's chief servant finding a wife for Isaac has spoken deeply to my heart, as I also hope it will to yours. When he came to Abraham's country, he prayed: God answered his …( read more )

The Job

September 29, 2014

I have been delivering the news for a long time now. For the last five and a half years, I have compiled, edited, and published The Whisper, our local town paper. But it all began with my first job at the age of twelve. My brother and …( read more )

Faith Comes By Hearing

March 14, 2014

The other day while working in the kitchen, my CD player provided a dramatic reading from Luke 24. The words from the recording that grabbed my attention were about the two disciples' Resurrection Day meeting with Jesus on the road to …( read more )

The Beautiful Feet Of Christmas

December 27, 2013

Every Christmas, one special person in Jesus' nativity story remains in the shadows. We rarely see this person on Christmas cards or in carols. Today, I wish to shine the spotlight on this one. You'll soon know who I mean. The setting is …( read more )

The Corn Field Connection

September 10, 2013

Recently while driving into town, I noticed that the corn on the edge of a farm field was only half the height of the stalks in the centre part. I'm sure that this difference in growth was because the plants on the edge were in the shade …( read more )

Beautiful Feet

August 22, 2013

E-mail, texting, Skyping, blogging … perhaps it's time to rewrite Romans 10:15 to say, "How beautiful are the fingers of those who type good news!" The social interaction is missing in today's styles of communicating, and thus some of …( read more )

Keep Your Eyes On The Instruments

July 3, 2013

From 1967 to 1970, we lived in Vienna, Austria, and we had a minister friend who travelled to many countries in Europe to bring the gospel to different people, mostly behind the then Iron Curtain. On one such trip, on his way home, …( read more )

A Blanket Of Leaves

November 5, 2012

Yesterday was a glorious fall day. It was the kind of day that invigorated one's senses, a day that caused one to marvel at God's handiwork. The maple tree on our front lawn stood like a torch, its mighty flame of vibrant, orange leaves …( read more )

The Hearing Organ

August 16, 2012

All was readied for one of my most exciting experiences in the operating room. As assistant to the surgeon, I had gathered all the supplies and instruments needed to perform middle ear surgery. Hearing is regulated by the middle ear. … (read more)

The Feet Of Those Who Bring Good News

February 26, 2012

Since the new year, I have renewed an old habit of distributing gospel of Christ tracts with the title, Four Things God Wants You to Know. My daily walks around the block also mean opportunities to talk to people passing … (read more)

A Royal Celebration

January 6, 2012

On January 6th, many in the Spanish culture celebrate what is known as El Dia De Los Tres Reyes Majos or Three Kings Day. As a child, I was amazed to hear my mother tell stories of how she observed … (read more)

"Now" Faith

May 19, 2011

In 1996, I became so ill that eventually I had Red Cross homemaker service and used a wheelchair. Slow death was my future. In desperation, I asked people of the church to pray for me. My husband prayed. Today, at … (read more)

God's Marvellous Love And Grace

May 11, 2011

After a few weeks of repeatedly throwing kitchen peelings, food scraps, waste, and various animal manures on the top of the other rotting vegetation on my compost heap, it is frequently necessary to open up the heap to merge the … (read more)

My Shoes

March 12, 2011

Our yellow lab loves shoes — not just anyone's shoes, it seems, but mine in particular. Thank goodness, he loves only to move them and not to chew them, or I would probably be writing a different devotional. At times, … (read more)

Like A Bee

May 31, 2010

In May, the rhododendron beside my front porch buzzes with bees. They flit from flower to flower seeking sweet nectar. Occasionally, one hapless bee flies into my plastic-enclosed porch and buzzes along the plastic wall nearest the nectar-laden bush. It … (read more)

The Story

January 8, 2010

I very seldom watch a movie more than once. There is one film, however, that I watch several times each year. I never get tired of this story, and each time I see and hear it, I know and enjoy … (read more)


July 18, 2009

I love the old Western movies, especially the ones that have wagons heading over the Oregon Trail. Those early pioneers of the west must have been amongst the bravest of souls on earth. To cross the wide Mississippi River and … (read more)

The Gift

March 25, 2009

A number of years ago while attending a course, I was confronted with the assignment of writing out a testimony about my life as a Christian, and telling when I was saved. I began to write my testimony, but when … (read more)


September 26, 2008

There are a couple of young men in our city who are planning a bicycle ride in the Rocky Mountains. Their plan is to ride 100 kilometres a day. Doing so, the journey will take them three long days. They … (read more)

Nothing Is Ever Lost

August 5, 2006

Returning from worshipping at the church I attend, I was thinking on my way home that I had not written anything for some time. I had just signed up someone to receive the Daily, and then checked my e-mail to … (read more)

Sharing The Good News

October 19, 2005

We were calmly waiting for our appointment when the lights flickered. One of the secretaries gasped out, "Oh no, I was working on an article!" The other laughed and replied, "You didn't save it, did you!" I so understood … (read more)

My Jesus! My Lord! My Saviour!

April 4, 2004

In the year of our Lord 2000, I traveled to Israel. With a group in the Holy Land, I came to experience the steps of Jesus, as we walked His route through Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday and His … (read more)

Fork In The Road

May 12, 2003

Do you sometimes really have a problem making a decision? Sometimes we reach a fork in the road and wonder which way we should go. I travel north from Pittsburgh occasionally, through a little town called New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In … (read more)

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